Double Cross Now Available For Xbox One

Also available now for the Switch and PC on Steam.
Double Cross is now available on the Xbox One, following a PC and Switch release.
Double Cross is now available on the Xbox One, following a PC and Switch release. 13AM Games

Anime-styled platformer Double Cross has officially launched on the Xbox One. The announcement was made in a press release from Publisher Graffiti Games and Runbow’s award-winning video game developer 13AM Games.

Double Cross is set in a universe wherein multiverses exist. You play as Zahra Sinclair, an agent of R.I.F.T. (Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers and Technology, phew, that was a mouthful) whose main job is to maintain peace and order between these multiple dimensions. However, this peace and order can be potentially disturbed by a mysterious figure, only known as SuspectX. It is up to Zahra to get to the bottom of this mystery. Confusingly, the trailer also states that the people you may have thought were your friends, may actually be on the enemies’ side. (Hey, maybe that’s why it’s named Double Cross).

Throughout Zahra’s adventures, players gain the ability to upgrade and customize their skills, such as getting new fighting moves and acquiring stronger attacks. These are unlocked by collecting a rare element called Upgradium.

What sets Double Cross apart from usual platformers is Zahra’s unique Proton Slinger, which allows her to traverse the world in different and unique ways. It can also be used to avoid enemies or fight them by grabbing and throwing objects at them.

13AM Games CEO Alex Rushdy stated “[a]fter the launch on PC and Switch, we’ve taken feedback from players and reviewers to really improve the experience... Xbox players get that improved version from day one, and should have a blast exploring the various universes.”

This is a piece of welcome news for Xbox One players, since by the time of this writing, Double Cross has already had three major patches rolled out since its release on January 10, 2019. This should mean a better gameplay experience for newcomers on the Xbox One (difficulty fixes, etc.) and that most bugs and kinks have already been straightened out.

Double Cross is available on Steam for PC, the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch, and now on the Microsoft Store for the Xbox One for $19.99.


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