Dota Underlords Big Update Adds Two New Game Modes

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Players can expect Duos and Freestyle to be accessible in the White Spire soon.
Players can expect Duos and Freestyle to be accessible in the White Spire soon. Valve

Valve has once again released some big announcements regarding its new game Dota Underlords. This time around, it has revealed two new game modes, both of which can be expected in the so-called Big Update.

For starters, Duos will give players the ability to queue with a partner so they can both battle at least seven other teams. Freestyle, on the other hand, is all about giving players the opportunity to create any scenario according to their own liking.

Unlike Auto Chess, which has a limit that is capped to four teams and eight players, Dota Underlords will be introducing eight teams and 16 players – all of them fighting to be the Lord of the White Spire.

It is worth noting, however, that two players will not necessarily be sharing one chessboard. Duos, in particular, can share health and levels. From there, each player is able to spend gold and heroes to help others when it comes to gaining levels for the entire crew. Also, teams are going to fight against each other in two individual battles, with the final round damage calculated by simply consolidating both matches.

The new Freestyle mode is, by essence, a sandbox playground for Dota Underlords players. It is where players can hand out any creep or hero combination, something that is done without the burden of scrambling the desired pieces in a certain period of time.

Moreover, players will be given the opportunity to test out all the possible scenarios, including the different hero combinations they want to use. This is without a doubt a perfect place to see all the new heroes expected to embrace the stage in the upcoming The Big Update.

As of this writing, Valve has yet to show signs of stopping any previews related to the highly-anticipated update. As a matter of fact, the developer is already believed to be releasing more details about it in the next few days or so.

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