Dota 2 Veteran Mushi Joins Keen Gaming

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Mushi will be returning as an active player for Keen Gaming.
Mushi will be returning as an active player for Keen Gaming. Valve

Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung is without a doubt a legend in the Dota 2 scene. The Malaysian esports player is confirmed to return to action.

Mushi will be ending his free agency after being confirmed to play for Keen Gaming. He will reportedly be playing the five position following his run as a coach for Mineski during The International 2019. Before indulging a coaching career, Mushi was known for playing on three completely different rosters, although none of them were able to give him a TI championship.

While Mushi is known for his unmatched skills, his role with Keen Gaming will be more about bringing a veteran presence to the team. And, of course, this existence will make it possible for the squad to bring in more sponsorship.

What is quite interesting is the fact that Mushi will be playing positive five, a role currently being held by Keen Gaming’s team captain Song “Dark” Runxi. As far as changes to the entire roster when it comes to other positions, the esports organization has yet to reveal any updates.

It is also being reported that several players are already discussing the possibility of being transferred to a new Dota 2 pro team. This includes Wang “Old Chicken” Zhiyong and Ren “eLeVeN” Yangwei, both of whom have since been trailing with EHOME.

With Keen Gaming being able to make a run in The International 2019, they are looking to improve their overall positioning with Mushi’s addition. And while it is too early to say, it seems Mushi is going to help the team step in the right direction. Only time can tell exactly how this new roster will play out during the Dota 2 offseason.

As TI9 slowly fades into history, Dota 2 teams are starting to reshuffle their rosters. This is actually a narrative known in the scene, as teams try to look for better and more talented players. The International 2020 is already confirmed to take place in Stockholm, Sweden. It is definitely interesting to see whether OG can make history for a third time, or if another team will finally claim the Aegis of Champions.

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