Dota 2 Tour 3 EEU: Team Spirit Remains Undefeated

The defending champs.
The defending champs. Instagram/team__spirit

Team Spirit continues to show why they are the defending champions. In Eastern Europe, the team remains undefeated so far on Tour 3 of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2021–2022 Season.

Spirit still has three games left before Tour 3 ends. These are against Outsiders, Mind Games, and BetBoom Team. Considering their solid performance, there’s a high possibility that they’ll end with zero defeats.

For Eastern Europe, the standings as of this writing are:

  • BetBoom Team: 4-1
  • Natus Vincere: 4-1
  • Team Spirit: 4-0
  • Outsiders: 3-1
  • One Move: 2-3
  • Mind Games: 1-4
  • Pari Parni: 1-5
  • Rune Eaters: 1-5

Strong Showing

Currently, one of the two teams in the top spot is BetBoom. They may be a new team, but the roster is those formerly from Winstrike, and as Winstrike, they’ve been showing inconsistent performance. However, as BetBoom, they’ve been doing good so far, even qualifying for the Stockholm Major and finishing in the top eight.

Another team that’s making its way back up is Natus Vincere. They failed to join the Regional Finals in Tour 1 and didn’t make the cut for the Stockholm Major. They have two matches left and winning both means a spot at the Arlington Major.

Where’s VP?

A lot of you are probably looking at the standings and wondering why is not on the list. They’re actually there but the roster made the decision to register under a different name, Outsiders.

As a team, VP remained to be a strong contender regardless of what tournament they are in. Sadly, they became “tied” to a political issue where they weren't able to join the Stockholm Major and weren't even allowed to be part of another tournament. To prevent them from being affected in the future, the decision was made to form a new team.

They’re currently in fourth place and the region only has three spots available for the Arlington Major. They’re going to need to win their remaining matches if they want to have a chance to grab one of those spots. It’s going to be an uphill since two of those matches are against BetBoom and Spirit. Then again, let’s see how they do in the remaining two weeks of Tour 3.

What do you think? Is Team Spirit going to remain undefeated? Can Outsiders make it to the top three?

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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