Dota 2 Tour 3 CN: PSG.LGD May Not Be Joining the Arlington Major

New blood are on top.
New blood are on top. Twitter/@PWRD_DOTA2

There's no question that PSG.LGD is the top Dota 2 team in China. With Tour 3 almost over, the team has two matches left to win.

Here's the thing though, the team is in danger of going to Division II, and to prevent this, they need to win those matches. However, even if they do win both matches, there's a big chance that they still won't be joining the Arlington Major.

To get a picture of what we mean by that, here's the current standing as of this writing:

  • Royal Never Give Up: 4-1
  • Team Aster: 4-2
  • Xtreme Gaming: 4-2
  • Aster.Aries: 3-3
  • Vici Gaming: 3-3
  • PSG.LGD: 2-3
  • Dandelion Esport Club: 1-4
  • EHOME: 1-4

What Next?

For Tour 3, it doesn't really matter if PSG.LGD gets to join the Arlington Major. As it stands, the team currently sits at the top of the DPC Ranking. In fact, the number of points it has earned resulted in the first to get a direct invite for The International 2022.

The problem would be what happens if it is relegated to Division II. That means it needs to climb back up to Division I and hope to get enough points to get an invite to The International 2023.

Rising Through the Ranks

As seen from the standings, the top two teams are the ones that have been at the top for previous Tours. We're talking about Team Aster and Royal Never Give Up. Aster had finished second in Tour 1 and third in Tour 3. Meanwhile, RNG finished third in Tour 1 and fourth in Tour 2.

The not-so-good performance of PSG.LGD could be the reason why both teams are now on top of the rankings. Aster and RNG need to join the Arlington Major to increase the chances of more Chinese teams getting direct invites.

Going Down

One of the strong teams in the region that's also not doing well is EHOME. The team had finished fourth in Tour 1, which was a strong showing. However, in Tour 2 it slipped down to sixth place. For Tour 3, they're at the bottom of the rankings and could be headed to Division II. It now depends on how EHOME performs in its remaining matches.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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