Dota 2 Tour 3 NA: Quincy Crew Takes Solo Lead

Holding on to the top spot.
Holding on to the top spot. Twitter/@Quincy_Crew

Ever since Valve made changes to the format of the DPC, the Dota 2 esports scene in North America has been mainly a fight between Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, and TSM. With two weeks left in Tour 3, it’s Quincy Crew that took the lead ahead of the other two teams.

That’s not all since QC remains undefeated, so far. If it wants a guaranteed spot for the Arlington Major, the team needs to win its final two matches. It’s not that easy considering that the final match is against EG.

EG, on the other hand, has a 4–1 standing. Before it meets QC, the team is facing Felt. EG is heavily favored in that match and unless a miracle happens, should get the win.

Now before we look at some scenarios, the standings as of this writing are:

  • Quincy Crew: 5-0
  • Evil Geniuses: 4-1
  • Nouns: 4-1
  • TSM: 3-2
  • Wildcard Gaming: 2-3
  • The Cut: 1-4
  • Felt: 0-5

EG vs QC

If both teams win their respective matches before going against each other, QC is going to be at 6–0 while EG is at 5–1. As mentioned, if QC wins then the team secures a spot at the Arlington Major. If EG wins, it’s likely to lead to a tiebreaker. It’s also not going to be just one tiebreaker depending on how the other teams perform.

TSM and Nouns

The other teams are TSM and nouns, which are facing each other this week and it’s safe to say that they have a high chance of winning their respective last matches.

If Nouns wins against TSM and in its last match versus 5RATFORCESTAFF, it’s going to have a 6–1 standing. What’s going to happen then? If EG wins, we get a three-way tie with QC and nouns. However, if QC loses, Nouns may get the second spot for the Arlington Major, dealing a heavy blow to EG.

If TSM wins against Nouns and Wildcard Gaming, it ends Tour 3 with a 5–2 standing. Nouns would likely have that as well. If EG loses against QC, it would have to fight against TSM and Nouns to get to the Arlington Major.

What about you? Who do you think is going to the Arlington Major?

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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