Dota 2's Tiny Brought To Life In The Form Of A Statue

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A Belarusian artist has brought Tiny to life in the form of a statue.
A Belarusian artist has brought Tiny to life in the form of a statue. Edgar Milashevich

Tiny is one of the most popular heroes in Dota 2, especially after OG’s Topson showed how great the hero’s skill kit is. Apart from summoning avalanches, he is also able to throw enemies around. Now, the stone giant has been brought to life in the form a statue – and it is something you will want in your yard!

A Belarusian artist by the name of Edgar Milashevich created the Tiny statue, which took the entire Dota 2 subreddit by storm. He used an art concrete over a frame made from brick and wire mesh. The result is quite astonishing, and you'll wish the statue could do an Avalanche or Throw.

If you want to know the whole process Milashevich took to make Tiny, then you are in luck. He has posted a video that documents the creation of the Dota 2 hero’s statue. You can even see him standing on top of his creation, seemingly proving how sturdy the statue is. Check out the video below:

The Tiny statue stands at about three meters tall, although Valve has not confirmed whether it is indeed Tiny’s measurement in real life (just kidding, of course!). And while it is hard to determine how many stones there are in Tiny’s body, the statue is large enough for a small kid to sit in its left hand.

The statue is a living proof that Dota 2 has a very passionate community. Even before, fans have been showing their art and skills with replicating heroes. Personally, this is my favorite thus far. But hey, I still want to see a statue of Pudge.

In related Dota 2 news, Evil Geniuses has made some surprising changes to its roster. S4 has been released while SumaiL remains under contract, but is open for transfer talks. The inclusion of SumaiL is perhaps the most controversial one, especially since he has been a consistent player so far on the roster. There are talks of him wanting to play together with his brother YawaR, who is currently signed to Newbee. It remains a mystery whether SumaiL will join his brother’s team or they will form a new squad of their own.

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