Dota 2 Streamer Spends 5 Hours In Queue, Gets Kicked Due To Maintenance

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Valve really tested Jaron's patience for sure.
Valve really tested Jaron's patience for sure. Complexity Gaming

Dota 2 is growing with more players each day, but this does not necessarily make queuing fast. After Valve introduced the new ranked season, the game has been suffering from a slew of server issues, with matchmaking queues reportedly taking hours to fill up.

But for a professional Dota 2 player Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton, the queuing seems to be taking forever. That is because he reportedly spent about five hours in the matchmaking queue. What is worse, he got kicked simply because server maintenance took place.

Just like anyone else, Jaron just wanted to play a simple pub game. There was nothing special to it or anything. Apparently, he was forced to watch the menu as the queue timer started hitting 99 minutes. And even after the timer exceeded two hours, not a single match was found.

Nonetheless, Jaron was optimistic. He thought it was just a slight hiccup and that he just needed to go through with it. Alas, the queue dragged on for five hours and still no match was found. He knew something odd was going on.

It holds true that extremely long matchmaking times can be common in Dota 2, especially when Valve introduces a new game, mode or feature. However, there is no doubt that Jaron’s case was totally different.

The professional Dota 2 player started streaming right before season four of the ranked matchmaking jumpstared. In other words, he got caught in the middle of the game’s servers switching over and whatnot. Interestingly, Jaron was not the type to just easily give up. He still queued and waited for the servers to finally give him the chance to play the game.

“If we play other games while queueing we are just giving into Valve, ya know,” monkeys said during the stream. “We are saying, hey Valve, it’s acceptable for me to queue this long. This is all Valve provides us with their game, so I am going to sit here and patiently wait for my game of Dota 2.”

We salute to Jaron. You made the entire Dota 2 community proud. And, of course, we know you did it for the memes!

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