Dota 2 Roster News: What’s Happening in China

A quick look into the region.
A quick look into the region. Valve

For quite some time, we’ve looked at the roster movements of different Dota 2 teams. But we haven’t really done much in China. With the new season just around the corner, we’ll take a quick look at what’s been happening in the region.

Let’s start with what we did cover, which was Elephant. Despite having some of the best Dota 2 players in the region, they couldn’t meet expectations and were eliminated during the first round of the Playoffs at TI10. This resulted in not only the roster being disbanded but the organization going inactive.

On the opposite end, there was no news from PSG.LGD, which should be good for their fans. That means the roster is still sticking it out for the new season.

Quick Changes

One of the Chinese teams to make it to TI10 was Invictus Gaming. They had a relatively good performance, so the expectation was there and there shouldn’t be that many changes in their roster. That’s exactly what happened.

The only change was Hu “kaka” Liangzhi leaving the team due to his contract expiring. He’s replaced by Pan “Fade” Yi.

For Team Aster, they had some changes for two of their members. They first signed Zeng "Ori" Jiaoyang, followed by Yu "Siamese.C" Yajun.

Big Change

Of the four Chinese teams that made it to TI10, it’s Vici Gaming that had a big change in its roster. The team was doing well at TI10 until they were eliminated by Invictus Gaming.

After TI10, the team saw the contracts of its three players expire, resulting in them leaving the team. After that, it was Ori that was transferred to Aster. That left Yang “poyoyo” Shaohan as the sole member. The organization did manage to get new members which are:

  • Guo “Xm” Hongcheng
    • Last Team: EHOME
  • Li "Irving" Jian
    • Last Team: LBZS
  • Zhao “Yds” Jiayi
    • Last Team: CDEC Gaming
  • Chen Guanhong
    • Last Team: CDEC Gaming

Division 1

The four Chinese teams already mentioned are joined by four other teams for Division 1 of the new DPC season. These are:

  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Phoenix
  • LBZS

So what do you think about this shakeup in China? Will the top four teams retain their standings?

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