Dota 2 Player Loss Continues with Significant Drop in 32 Months

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Dota 2 Player Loss Continues with Significant Drop in 32 Months
Dota 2 Player Loss Continues with Significant Drop in 32 Months Twitter/@DOTA

While Dota 2 continues to be a popular game in the space, it has always experienced positive and negative trends. Perhaps one common issue it continues to battle is the never-ending decline in player count. Now, Valve’s 2013 MOBA game has reportedly experienced another significant player count drop.

November 2022 proved to be a success for the game but it ended the year rather underwhelming in terms of numbers. Steam Charts suggest that in December 2022, there were 55,139.0 fewer players in Dota 2. Keep in mind that a drop like this was last experienced by the game more than two years ago.

In April 2019, Dota 2 lost around 66,286.9 players. Years after that, the game was able to achieve consistency, recording an average player base of 523,684.1 come November 2022. But when December of the same year came, the number plummeted to 468,545.0.

Of course, fans and players alike were in awe after the game was reported to surpass its monthly player count. Unfortunately, it proved to be a short-lived victory as it concluded 2022 with a big player count loss, from November 2022 to December 2022, with Steam Charts estimating it as a decrease of about 10.53%.

Dota 2’s Peak Player count also suffered, dropping to 827,395 in December, from 990,057 in November. And mind you, that is just after enjoying a stellar performance of two months in October and November. The said performance can be attributed to The International Swag Bag, a free giveaway from Valve released at the very end of October. The free giveaway saw an influx of players, both new and returning.

Dota 2 started 2022 with a player count of a mere 485,791.4 and ended the year with 468,545.0. The difference definitely does not indicate any substantial movement and it has been the game’s theme for two years now. This simply means that while the game’s player count is not growing, not necessarily declining that much.

The Division 1 tour for the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2023 is almost here. This event could very well bring players back once the excitement is rekindled. During the DPC, every top team in the pro scene is expected to compete and hopefully hype everyone to experience Dota 2 for themselves .

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