Dota 2 Patch Notes: Game Update 7.22g Wreaks Havoc On Io's Talent Timing

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Io get nerfed in latest update.
Io get nerfed in latest update. Valve

If you've watch The International 2019 and were excited to try out the Io carry strat, it looks like you're out of luck. Dota 2 released update 7.22g, which pretty much nerfs the timing of Io. This is not a surprise though, considering how OG made the most out of the strat.

In particular, the new update makes these changes to Io's Talents:

  • Level 10 Talent changed from Spirits Apply Slow to +90 Gold/Min
  • Level 15 Talent changed from +75 Spirits Hero Damage to Spirits Apply Slow
  • Level 20 Talent changed from +150 Gold/Min to +75 Spirits Hero Damage

For those familiar with OG's Io carry strat, the key was timing. It was important that Io get to Level 15 and at the same time be able to buy Aghanim's Scepter. You can read more of how that strategy worked in our discussion here.

While this change doesn't really prevent you from going for the strat, it delays your ability to do so. The +75 Spirits Hero Damage that you need is now at Level 20. Unless you can really farm well, you're going to reach that timing at around the middle of a game. This means you need to find a way to implement this strategy.

Making the timing even more difficult is the fact that Basic Neutral now gives 5% less bounty.

Item Changes

A number of items had been nerfed. Items like Chainmail, Medallion of Courage, and Phase Boots all have their armor reduced. Solar Crest, meanwhile, not only had its armor lowered to 10, but its recipe cost has been increased to 400.

Speaking of cost, the recipe cost for Hand of Midas is now 1750 instead of 1650.

Hero Changes

Another hero that experienced a nerfed is Chen. Like Io, this does not come as a surprise with Chen getting the highest win rate during TI9 at 70.83%. Changes for Chen include:

  • Holy Persuasion
    • Holy Persuasion maximum creep level reduced from 4/5/6/6 to 3/4/5/6
  • Divine Favor
    • Divine Favor heal amplification reduced from 8/12/16/20% to 6/10/14/18%
    • Divine Favor active cooldown increased from 120/100/80/60 to 140/120/100/80
  • Talents
    • Level 15 Talent increased from -30s Divine Favor Cooldown to -40s

It's not all nerfs as some heroes got some good buffs. Keeper of the Light, for example, has his Blinding Light improved with cooldown now at a flat 14 seconds instead of being scaled. The cast range has also been increased. Also increased is the mana leak of Chakra Magic.

Another significant change is Night Stalker, whose Void no longer does half damage during daytime. This hero hasn't been picked lately and this change could tilt the scale to his favor.

Finally there is Puck, who experience these changes in the new update:

  • Jaunt is now disabled by Root
  • Agility gain increased from 1.7 to 2.2
  • Phase Shift
    • Phase Shift is no longer disabled by Root
  • Talents
    • Level 20 Talent increased from -8s Waning Rift Cooldown to -9s
    • Level 20 Talent increased from +40% Illusory Orb Distance/Speed to +50%

A list of all changes in the new update can be viewed here.

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