Dota 2 Patch 7.30: Winter Wyvern Gets Nerfed; Dawnbreaker Gets Aghamin Upgrades

Hero changes are here.
Hero changes are here. Valve

A new patch for Dota 2 has been released, and it brings numerous changes. While some changes are for items, others are for heroes, which are sure to change the meta. Probably one of the biggest changes is on Winter Wyvern.

Before we take a closer look, you’re probably wondering about the ones made for the items. This new update is rather massive that we have a separate article for that. You can read some of the changes for items here.

Aghanim Ability

It was back in April when Dawnbreaker first joined the roster in Update 7.29. It took a while but she finally got Aghanim abilities.

When she gets Aghanim’s Scepter, the channeling for her ultimate ability, Solar Guardian, is reduced to one second. In addition, it can be cast again upon takeoff to land early. Solar Guardian also now has other effects like:

  • Giving allies in the area +60% evasion while Dawnbreaker is airborne
  • Increasing Heal Per Pulse from 45/70/95 to 60/90/120
  • Total airborne time up by 3.5 seconds

If she has Aghanim’s Shard, it gives her magic immunity while performing her Starbreaker ability.

The Healing Meta

Patch 7.30 had a huge impact on the healing meta. That's because Winter Wyvern got nerfed hard. Three of her abilities got adjusted, including both the attack range bonus and movement speed slow debuff of Arctic Burn decreased.

Cold Embrace has its percentage heal lowered as well as the shard cooldown reduction. Even her Winter’s Curse wasn’t spared as the cast range has been lowered. Her talents as well took a hit.

Phoenix, also known for healing, was also nerfed, particularly the Sun Ray ability which had the Max Health as Heal per second lowered.

Other Changes

There are other changes that may not be big but might impact some players. Axe, for example, had his Shard effect reworked. It now applies a six-second stacking debuff which reduces attack damage by 20% and increases Counter Helix chance by 10%. This change means that Axe and Manta combo won’t be that “effective.”

Meanwhile, players who are in low health and trying to get back to the fountain won’t be scared anymore against Windranger. Before this update, her Aghanim’s Shard upgrade was making her Powershot global, which actually had a chance to insta-kill, if it meets the right conditions. It’s been reworked and replaced by Gale Force. This ability summons a strong wind that can push all enemies in a 1,000 AoE by 250 units per second in the target direction for three seconds.

One change that we do like is for Pudge. It seems small but many players may like it. His Meat Hook skill can now instantly kill any non-ancient creep that it hits. Now, that’s good news for players who use this hero. Farmer Pudge anyone?

You can read the complete list of hero changes here.

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