Dota 2 Outlanders Update: When Will Valve Release It?

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"The great confluence appears."
"The great confluence appears." Valve

It has been more than a month since Valve revealed both Snapfire and Void Spirit at The International 2019. The two new heroes are expected to join the current Dota 2 roster alongside a massive update known as The Outlanders. While everyone knows that the update is just around the corner, the company has been mum about its official release date.

Valve announced at TI9 that the aforementioned update will have a fall release window. The only catch, as mentioned above, is that there is nothing certain whatsoever. Everything has been a mystery so far and fans are wondering just what they could expect from the update.

Considering the many signs fans have gathered so far, it is very likely for the company to release The Outlanders come November. It will be the perfect time for the upcoming Dota 2 update to be introduced, although there is still a huge chance of it being released before this month ends. The latter, in particular, could be based on the timing of the 2019-20 Dota Pro Circuit’s first Minor and Major. It just makes sense for the company to release the new update before the real season starts.

The MDL Chengdu Major and Dota Summit 11 Minor are scheduled to jumpstart in November, with the Minor set for November 7.

If Valve decides to release the update around the exact same time as these events, it is expected from Dota 2 pro players to have second thoughts in using these new heroes (if they are indeed going to be available for the tournament). If you remember the release of Mars, his arrival was heavily criticized since he was a heavily broken hero. As a result, Valve had to put him back on the backburner before fixing him up.

Given how these new heroes could change the current Dota 2 meta, it is safe to say that releasing The Outlanders update in October would be better. That way, Valve will have enough time to gather feedback, which could really take longer than expected.

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