Dota 2 Guide To Playing Windranger

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Windranger is one of the most flexible heroes in the game thanks to her hero kit.
Windranger is one of the most flexible heroes in the game thanks to her hero kit. Valve

Windranger has become one of the most popular heroes in Dota 2 recently, especially since pro players like Omar “w33” Aliwi love picking her. While her popularity continues to soar, many pub players forget the essence she actually brings on the battlefield. In reality, WR’s significance is all thanks to her hero kit, which allows her to be very versatile in plays and ganks.

If you want to improve your Windranger skills, then you have come to the right place. Here is a quick Dota 2 guide to playing this hero.

Understanding Windranger’s Hero Kit

Windranger’s hero kit features a defense mechanism that increases her movement speed and even provides 100 percent physical evasion, as well as a long duration skillshot stun, painful line nuke, and an ultimate that significantly boosts her physical damage. When played the right way, this hero can reign successfully on the battlefield. Even more so, she can move in and out of the fight freely, not to mention the fact that she can give insane amounts of hybrid damage. The only catch, however, is that she can easily get a quick death if caught unaware.

Given her powerful hero kit, it only makes sense for the Dota 2 hero to be a midlaner. She just has this laning prowess that needs to be taken advantage of early on in the game. Plus, she has the right capability to perform a solo kill with pretty much any hero in the game. She does not even need to have mid-game items right away in order to be effective.

Windranger’s Flexibility

This is where Windranger can be extremely helpful. You can quickly use the hero to scout the map and look for victims. You can either work with a support or eliminate an enemy yourself. Either way, you will have a much higher chance of slaying the enemy than any other heroes in the pool. In addition, you can skirmish the map for ganks or counter-ganks, creating space for your carries to farm more gold. As mentioned, Windranger has the skill that allows her to go in and out of fights, making it almost impossible for her opponents to catch her.

It’s All About Speed

Windranger is all about speed. Yes, that is right. It even applies universally throughout her item decisions, ganking plays, and team fights, among others. You can go for some cheap items in order to speed up your solo kills or push the lane for more pressure potential. Either way, you still remain effective around the map. If you do not want to start focusing on building your farming items, you can always dictate the tempo constantly by not giving any opportunity for a reprieve.

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