Dota 2 OMEGA League: Top Teams Take Leads In EU Immortal Division

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Here's a roundup off OMEGA League matches.
Here's a roundup off OMEGA League matches. Valve

The second weekend of matches in the Dota 2 OMEGA League EU Immortal Division is in the books and the results were, well, not that surprising. For the two groups, the lead belongs to the top Dota 2 teams. In addition to the EU Immortal Division, we also take a quick peek at what’s happening with the other divisions.

EU Immortal Division

The EU Immortal Division is the biggest in the League, especially with its $500,000 prize pool.

In Group A, it’s a three-way tie with Evil Geniuses, Team Nigma, and all having a 2–1 record. What makes this unique is that the teams are joining the tournament with some changes in their rosters.

Team Nigma, for example, is playing without its team captain Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi, who is still out due to an arm injury. He has been sidelined since early August. Standing in for him is Roman “rmN-“ Paley, who is actually the team’s coach.

Meanwhile for EG, it’s their first foray in the Europe region after playing for a while in North America. It wasn’t really a problem for the team since some of the members are actually from Europe. EG is also playing without Abed “Abed” Yusop, who is still in the Philippines due to quarantine measures. The team felt it was better to have a stand-in than force Abed to play remotely due to ping issues. Serving as temporary replacement is Danil “gpk” Skutin of Gambit Esports.

Over at Group B, it’s a tie between OG and Team Secret, both of which carry 3-0 records. This is not a surprise considering that Team Secret is a team that is able to make necessary adjustments quickly when it comes to the new meta. OG, of course, continues to flex its muscle as two-time TI champions.

EU Divine Division

In this division, CIS team Cyber Legacy is dominating Group A with a standing of 5–0. Over at Group B, it’s Team Unique that’s at the top with a 4–1 standing. This division has a prize pool of $50,000.

Americas Division

In the Americas, there are two main divisions. For the Divine Division, Quincy Crew already clinched a Playoffs spot. For Group A, the second spot is going to be decided between business associates and 4 Zoomers. Group B, meanwhile, has beastcoast on top with a 3–0 record, followed by Thunder Predator and Infamous, both having 2–1 records.

Asia Divine Division

The Asia Divine Division is actually already completed, and the results were surprising. Despite having some of Southeast Asia’s strong up and coming teams like Adroit Esports and veteran ones like Execration, it was Vietnamese Dota 2 team 496 Gaming that took home the crown.

The division was not without its controversies. Even before the start of the tournament, Ocean withdrew due to roster changes and was replaced by LING ER. However, in the middle of the competition, LING ER was later disqualified due to match-fixing.

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