Dota 2 November 2 Update Tweaks Items And Heroes, Patch Notes Here

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Let the hunger for power begin!
Let the hunger for power begin!

Dota 2 is more than seven years old and is still going strong. One of the biggest reasons for the success of Dota 2 is continuous support from developer Valve. Even today, Valve is releasing updates and patches for the game to make it more balanced and fun.

The most recent Dota 2 patch was released yesterday. The November 2 Update didn’t add any new content, but it did make tweaks to several Items and Heroes. Some minor general changes were also made.

The Cost and Stock time of Sentry Ward is reduced to 50 and 60 respectively. TP Scroll cooldown was reduced by half and Dust Gold now only costs 50 instead of 80. True Sight Radius of Taffy Well and Home Buckets is increased to 1200. Taffy Guardians will now take 50 percent damage from non-hero units owned by players. The complete patch notes of the update are mentioned below and on the official site.



  • True Sight Radius on Home Buckets and Taffy Wells increased from 1000 to 1200.
  • Scarecrow Stashes now have True Sight in a 1000 radius that reveals all heroes on both teams.
  • Player owned non-hero units deal only 25% of their normal damage to the home bucket for purposes of stealing candy.
  • Taffy Guardians take 50% damage from player owned, non-hero units.


  • Reduced sentry ward stock time from 85 to 60.
  • Reduced sentry ward cost from 75 to 50.
  • Reduced dust gold cost from 80 to 50.
  • Reduced TP scroll cooldown from 80 to 45.


  • Clinkz Death Pact benefit from Rotting Hulks and Festering Hulks (Round 3) reduced from 40% to 25%.
  • Clinkz Death Pact benefit from Volatile Arachnids (Round 5) reduced from 25% to 10%.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Do you think there is another Hero or Item that needs to be tweaked? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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