Dota 2 Nerfs Marci a Day After Release

Just too powerful.
Just too powerful. Valve

In yet another move that didn’t really surprise anyone, an update was released for Dota 2 which nerfed Marci. For those keeping count, that’s just one day after she joined the fight. Then again, Marci showed just how OP she was after a lot of players started spamming her.

For those new to the game, Marci was the latest hero added to the roster. Unlike the other heroes, she had her start as one of the characters in the Netflix animated show Dota: Dragon’s Blood. She became the fan favorite after showing just how good she is.

It is pretty much reflected in the game. Figures show that on the day she was released, she had a pick rate of 54% and a win rate of about 53%. By the next day, her ban rate was at around 61%.

Here are the changes made to Marci:

  • General
    • Base mana regen reduced from 0.5 to 0
  • Dispose
    • Damage reduced from 70/140/210/280 to 70/130/190/250.
  • Rebound
    • Cast / Jump range reduced from 850 to 800.
  • Unleash
    • Duration reduced from 18 to 16.
    • Pulse damage reduced from 80/150/220 to 60/130/200.
  • Talent Tree
    • Level 15 Talent reduced from +250 Rebound Cast/Jump Range to +200.
    • Level 20 Talent reduced from 1.75 Sidekick Spell Immunity to 1.5 seconds.

New Talent Tree

With this changes, her Talent Tree is now:

  • Level 10
    • +2 Mana Regen or +5 Armor
  • Level 15
    • +200 Rebound Cast/Jump Range or +0.75 Dispose Stun Duration
  • Level 20
    • +30 Movement Speed or 1.5 seconds Sidekick Spell Immunity
  • Level 25
    • +50% Sidekick Lifesteal or 1.5 seconds Unleash Silence

As mentioned, it isn’t surprising when Marci got nerfed. However, some players are questioning that maybe it was done too soon. Valve may have released a patch early on to lower the ban rate. That way, more players get the chance to play this hero and determine if additional changes are needed, be it another nerf or a buff.

A lot of players are also looking forward to what her Aghanim bonuses are going to be, for both Scepter and Shard.

You can learn more about Marci here. By the way, the update that introduced Marci to the game also arrived with nerfs and buffs to other heroes, read more about it here.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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