Dota 2 Hero Guide: How To Play Pangolier

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Donté Panlin, the Pangolier, is without a doubt one of the most versatile heroes in Dota 2.
Donté Panlin, the Pangolier, is without a doubt one of the most versatile heroes in Dota 2. Valve

Donte Panlin the Pangolier is known for being an aggressive brawler in Dota 2. He is the type of hero that you will constantly see in fights, making him a good offlaner and midlaner. His kit makes it possible for him to be both mobile and versatile. But if you are unable to understand how his skill works, then you are likely to leave yourself exposed and stranded.

Understanding the Hero Kit

Pangolier’s hero kit consists of vector-targeted damage and/or escape skills, an armor-reducing passive, a nuke capable of increasing his tankiness, and an ultimate that transforms him into a magic immune ball of destruction.

Based on his kit alone, Pangolier can be a force to be reckoned with in Dota 2, especially when he is played right. He can be quite mobile thanks to most of his skills, all of which allow him the ability to escape any death trap. What is more, his damage output is strong enough, even if you only have one damage-amplifier item activated.

Pangolier's Role In Matches

Pangolier is mainly used as an offlaner in Dota 2. This is simply because he has the skills capable of allowing him to withstand and escape any harassment. Plus, he is super tanky. However, considering how versatile he is due to his skills, pro players usually put him in mid lane. Since he can clear creep waves at an extremely fast rate, he can easily acquire 1,100 gold items. Giving him the mid lane allows your team to have a monstrous presence early on.

Things to Keep in Mind

It holds true that Pangolier has skills that allow him to escape at all times. However, as soon as he has exhausted these skills, he might find himself in a very difficult situation. Sure, he is tanky, but not tanky enough to withstand damage from other core heroes like Nevermore. Sometimes, it is better to use Pangolier with a combo hero like Skywrath Mage for that whopping magic damage.

If you are stuck in a position where it is impossible for you farm at an early phase, you might want to consider roaming. Yes, that is right – Pangolier can be a brutal hero at the very beginning. His skills are so menacing that you can take down two or even three enemy heroes within the 10-minute mark.

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