Dota 2 Guide: The Outlanders Snapfire And Void Spirit Have Arrived

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Meet the Outlanders.
Meet the Outlanders. Valve

Dota 2 officially introduced the Outlanders Snapfire and Void Spirit. These two new heroes arrived with patch 7.23. Today, we take a look at these two heroes.


Full name Beatrix Snapfire, she and her dragon toad Mortimer are considered a welcome sight to those who scratch out a living along the desert routes and the oases scattered across Nanarak. She is known for her unrivalled skills as a weaponsmith along wither her firesnap cookies. Beadie has managed to live this long by being quick with her wits and even quicker with her guns.

Cookies anyone?
Cookies anyone? Valve

Snapfire is classified as:

  • Ranged
  • Support
  • Nuker
  • Disabler
  • Escape

Her skills and ultimate are:

  • Scatterblast
    • Snapfire unloads with a wide blast from her trusty scattergun that damages and slows enemies. This is considered as particularly effective at point-blank range.
  • Firesnap Cookie
    • Snapfire feeds a potent cookie to Mortimer or an ally, causing them to hop a short distance. The hopping unit stuns and damages enemies in the landing zone.
  • Lil' Shredder
    • Snapfire unleashes a volley of fixed-damage attacks with her lizard-mounted battle cannons, gaining rapid fire and bonus attack range while slowing the attack speed of enemies she hits.
  • Mortimer Kisses (Ultimate)
    • Snapfire rears up on Mortimer, guiding his aim as he launches burning globs of firespit that damage on impact and linger on the ground to slow enemies and cause more damage over time.


Considered as the eldest of the spirits, Inai the Void Spirit has access to secrets that would likely shatter a mortal mind. He observes the workings of the universes from a vantage point, letting his carefully groomed servants do his bidding. He only emerges to the material plane from his hidden temple when he believes that only he can steer events on their proper path.

Feel the void.
Feel the void. Valve

Void Spirit is classified as:

  • Melee
  • Carry
  • Escape
  • Nuker
  • Disabler

His skills and ultimate are:

  • Aether Remnant
    • Void Spirit dispatches a remnant aspect of himself to stand sentinel over a small area. The remnant peers in a single direction, waiting to pull in and damage enemies that cross its gaze.
  • Dissimilate
    • Void Spirit temporarily fades into the aether, creating a number of portals through which he can reassemble himself and cause damage to enemies in the area where he reappears.
  • Resonant Pulse
    • Void Spirit wraps himself in a protective shield that absorbs physical damage and emits a single damaging pulse around him. The shield gains increased damage absorption for each enemy hero the pulse hits.
  • Astral Step (Ultimate)
    • Void Spirit consumes a charge to rip through reality into the astral plane, damaging all enemies along the rift path and inflicting a void mark that slows and detonates for significant damage.

There’s no question that these two heroes are going to change gameplay. What about you? Which hero are you excited to try first?

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