Here’s What’s Happening So Far in the Dota 2 DPC 2021 Season 1

See what's been happening so far.
See what's been happening so far. Valve

It’s been an excellent four weeks of matches in the ongoing Dota 2 DPC 2021 Season 1. There are still some matches left but by now we get a pretty clear picture of what’s going to happen per region. Most of them are pretty much what was expected except for the SEA region. Surprise!

The Old Guard

Europe is the region that has many of the best teams in Dota 2 . Just look at the teams in the Upper Division and you’ll understand what we mean. A lot of them have TI experience so it’s not shocking they’re getting the top spots.

There’s a high possibility that Team Secret qualifies for the Playoffs in the upcoming Singapore Major. Secret is actually guaranteed a spot even if it loses its last games. It needs to secure a Playoffs position to increase its advantage.

The other spots are still too close to call. OG may have a chance but it’s an uphill battle with Team Liquid and Secret for its last two games.

Standings for EU are:

  • Team Secret: 5–0
  • Alliance: 3–2
  • OG: 3–2
  • Tundra Esports: 2–3
  • Team Liquid: 2–3
  • Team Nigma: 2–3
  • 2–3
  • High Coast Esports: 1–4

Flexing Their Skills

Over at the CIS regions, the top two teams are dominating the show. and Natus Vincere both have 5-0 standings, which give them the top two spots in the region. If they both win their respective games, an exciting match is guaranteed between VP and Na’Vi.

Standings for CIS are:

  • 5–0
  • Natus Vincere: 5–0
  • Team Spirit: 2–3
  • AS Monaco Gambit: 2–3
  • Team Unique: 2–3
  • EXTREMUM: 2–3
  • Team Empire: 1–4
  • NoTechies: 1–4

So Far So Evil

It seems that Evil Geniuses made the right decision to go back to North America. They’ve been undefeated so far with five wins. However, they don’t have time to take it easy as Quincy Crew is just a win away at 4–0. This week’s match is likely to set the tone for this region as EG finally takes on QC. Only two spots for this region are open and both two teams need to protect whatever lead they have.

Standings for NA are:

  • Evil Geniuses: 5–0
  • Quincy Crew: 4–0
  • Undying: 4–1
  • 4 Zoomers: 3–2
  • SADBOYS: 2–2
  • A-Team: 1–5
  • Black N Yellow: 1–6
  • 5ManMidas: 0–5

Unleash the Beast

In South America, it’s beastcoast all the way, undefeated and beating five teams at 2–0 each time. They just need one more win to secure that sweet Playoffs spot in the Singapore Major. The second spot looks exciting too with most teams in the running.

Standings for SA are:

  • beastcoast: 5–0
  • Thunder Predator: 3–2
  • Team Unknown: 3–2
  • SG e-sports: 3–2
  • EgoBoys: 2–3
  • NoPing e-sports: 2–3
  • Infamous: 1–4
  • Latam Defenders: 1–4

Nothing Much

Yes, it was a surprise that Team Aster managed to stay undefeated and beat the likes of PSG.LGD and even EHOME. But having a similar standing is powerhouse Invictus Gaming so that’s still something to think about. Unlike other regions, it seems China is taking a one week break from competition, likely due to the Lunar New Year.

Standings for China are:

  • Invictus Gaming: 3–0
  • Team Aster: 3–0
  • Vici Gaming: 3–1
  • Elephant: 2–2
  • PSG.LGD: 2–2
  • EHOME: 1–3
  • Team MagMa: 1–3
  • LBZS: 0–4

Surprise! Surprise!

Southeast Asia is considered the region with the most aggressive teams. While that's exciting to many fans, what should surprise them is that the team on top isn't one of those invited. Neon Esports had to go through the Closed Qualifier Stage, which might have played to its advantage. Don’t count out Fnatic and TNC though, both of which are close behind.

Standings for SEA are:

  • Neon Esports: 5–0
  • Fnatic: 4–1
  • TNC Predator: 3–2
  • T1: 3–2
  • BOOM Esports: 2–3
  • 496 Gaming: 1–4
  • Vice Esports: 1–4
  • Execration: 1–4

What about you? Which team do you think is going to Singapore?

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