Dota 2 DPC 2021 Season 2: How Did the Teams Demoted to Lower Division Perform?

Did the teams demoted dominate the lower divisions?
Did the teams demoted dominate the lower divisions? Valve

The matches for the WePlay Animajor start tomorrow. While all that is happening, other teams are preparing for the T10 qualifiers, the last chance to be part of the biggest Dota 2 tournament.

For those who have been following the DPC 2021, there have been interesting matches and this is partly due to the new format. The new format has two seasons with each one having an Upper Division and Lower Division per region. At the end of Season 1, the two bottom teams in the Upper Division get demoted to the Lower Division for Season 2. Meanwhile, the top two teams in the Lower Division get promoted to the Upper Division. Yesterday we took a look at what happened to teams that got promoted. Today, we dive deep into the teams that were demoted.

North America

For North America, 5ManMidas got the bottom spot with zero wins. A-Team was demoted as well by getting two losses in the tie-breaker. Surprisingly, 5ManMidas didn’t do too well in the Lower Division for Season 2 in which the team ended up tied with Felt and Electronic Boys with a 3–4 standing.

A-Team, on the other hand, was in a worse state. Before Season 2 started, a new roster was signed by Team Wind and Rain. After the season ended, it was revealed that Wind and Rain, and Pecado Squad Gaming were both disqualified due to match-fixing. As a result, the rosters of both teams are banned from future Valve events.

South America

Going down, South America saw the Latam Defenders and EgoBoys being demoted. In the Lower Division, EgoBoys had a strong performance and managed to end on top with BINOMISTAS. But the Defenders didn’t do too well and ended up in seventh place.

Western Europe

Moving across the Atlantic, Western Europe saw High Coast Esports and relegated to the Lower Division. So, what happened next? dominated the Lower Division by winning all its matches and ending with a 7–0 standing.

The roster of High Coast left the organization during week one of Season 2 but they continued as Chicken Fighters. Unfortunately, they didn’t do well and ended in seventh place.

Eastern Europe

Over in Eastern Europe, NoTechies was immediately demoted with a 1–6 standing, while Team Empire had a chance to stay in the Upper Division but lost to Team Unique in the tiebreaker.

Empire had a solid performance in the Lower Division and this time won the tie-breaker against Fantastic Five to secure second place. NoTechies couldn’t find its footing and had to settle for seventh place.


In China, LBZS didn’t stand a chance and was guaranteed a demotion to the Lower Division. The same fate also befell Team Magma. The difference between these teams was that Magma won two games versus LBZS, which didn’t win a single one.

For the Lower Division , LBZS and Magma were in a three-way tie with Aster.Aries for second place. It took two rounds for LBZS to triumph and get that placement.

Southeast Asia

Going to Southeast Asia, it was 496 Gaming and Vice Esports that were demoted to the Lower Division for Season 2. Now unlike their counterparts in other regions, the two performed relatively well. 496 was able to get the fifth place which comes with some prize money. Vice became South Built Esports and finished third place.

Overall Impression

You would think that teams in the Upper Division would dominate the Lower Division, yet it wasn’t the case. Still, it just makes the next season something to look forward to.

You can read our take on the teams that were promoted to the Upper Division for Season 2 here.

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