Dota 2 China Tour 1 Regional Finals: PSG.LGD Ends Perfect Run with a Championship

A perfect run.
A perfect run. Twitter/@PSGLGD_

The Dota 2 Regional Finals are divided into two main categories. In the first one, you have the strong teams continuing to dominate their respective regions. Then, there are regions that had some “usurpers” to the throne. Where do you think the China Dota 2 pro scene falls into?

Let’s just say that the China Regional Final was all about PSG.LGD. The team may have lost the TI10 championship against Team Spirit, but they now look stronger than ever. Not only did PSG.LGD end Tour 1 on top but also claim the championship. You know what’s even better? The team ended without losing a match. That’s 10 straight wins.

Let’s start with the regular tour. PSG.LGD dominated their opponents in this part of the competition. The teams that could argue gave them a bit of a challenge were Team Aster, Invictus Gaming, and EHOME.

At the end of Tour 1, the ones joining PSG.LGD in the top four are Aster, Royal Never Give Up, and EHOME. By the way, we’d just like to mention that Invictus Gaming is headed to Division II of the region.

Grand Final

The Grand Final saw PSG.LGD versus RNG. In the first game, RNG surprised PSG.LGD with a strong showing and the win. That would be the end of it though, for after that it was all about PSG.LGD.

On average, the next three matches lasted for about 34 minutes. In the second game, PSG.LGD had the lead but RNG managed to take the advantage at the 28-minute mark. PSG.LGD was having none of it and grabbed the lead again to eventually get the win.

For the third game, it was all about PSG.LGD as RNG just couldn’t do much. With PSG.LGD getting a 2-1 lead, it was a make-or-break for RNG. However, it seemed that PSG.LGD didn’t want to prolong the series anymore and ended it to grab the crown.

Tour 2

As mentioned, Invictus Gaming is going to Division II. That means we can expect to see some new teams duke it out with the best in the region. The way things are moving, it’s going to be PSG.LGD. The question that remains is who’s going to be taking the other spots.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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