Dota 2 Already 20 Years Old and Yet Remains Stronger Than Ever

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Dota is now 20 years old.
Dota is now 20 years old. Twitter/@DOTA2

You have been playing Dota 2 for quite some time now but do you even know how old it is? Well, believe it or not, the very first version of the game was released 20 years ago. And despite the ups and downs, it remains one of the most celebrated games of today.

The founding father of the game, Kyle “Eul” Somner, released the first version on December 27, 2003. Back then, only a handful of players joined the server and played the game mode. They for sure did not know back then that it would later become a global phenomenon.

Two decades later, Dota 2 has become an icon in the history of video games. From a mod, it became a fully-fledged game and is now home to one of the most popular esports events called The International. Despite its tradition being continued, thanks to enormous help from the game’s lead developer IceFrog, it still has its own fair share of issues.

The game had a period where it would kick out players monthly. While the culture continues to survive, there has been a significant decline in interest and player count. Every now and then, the game would suffer almost the same fate, with players suddenly uninstalling the game.

Still, it found a way to bounce back as new organizations start flourishing and players – both new and old – showing interest. In fact, one of the reasons why there was a sudden influx of players when The International 11 came was the Swag Bag. Players were treated to a One Month of Dota Plus, a Level One Battle Pass (redeemable for 24 Battle levels if players already own one), and a choice of Arcana. The latter for sure has given players the most incentive!

Another reason that keeps Dota 2 burning is Valve’s decision to bring forth an animated series on Netflix called DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. While this has gotten the attention of old or returning players, it has definitely piqued the interest of those who barely knew the game, helping bring new faces. One could definitely say that 2022 was its best year.

History tells us that Dota 2 always finds a way to bounce back. When its appeal started to decline, developers would create new content to excite the fanbase. When the player count plummeted, freebies were given. This simply shows the power of the game’s culture and the significance it has built in the community over two decades.

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