Dota 2 Streamer Gorgc Reveals Reason Why He Left OG

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Gorgc and OG decided to part ways in 2020 due to conflict of interests.
Gorgc and OG decided to part ways in 2020 due to conflict of interests. Twitter/@Gorgc

Back in early 2020, well-known Dota 2 streamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski was signed by esports organization OG as a content creator. However, both parties decided to part ways, citing a conflict of interests as the reason behind the split. Now, Gorgc has come to light and shared details on why he actually left the esports organization that won back-to-back TI Championships.

In a recent livestream, Gorgc revealed what exactly went down when he decided to move away from OG in 2020. While it is true that there was a conflict of interests, the Dota 2 streamer pointed out there was more to it. In reality, OG did not want him to stream any tournament co-owned by the organization.

Known for his chill commentary, Gorgc quickly became the go-to streamer for Dota 2 fans who want to watch tournaments. There were even moments when he would stomp official tournament broadcasts as his streams were simply getting more views.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, most LAN events were getting canceled. As a result, esports organizations started losing revenue as they were forced to compete in online events, something that also affected overall team performance (as some players could not compete due to connectivity or network issues). This dilemma, however, gave organizations the idea to co-own tournaments they would be part of or compete in. Although it would still depend on the success of the tournament, this somehow helped increase the revenue.

Unfortunately, for Gorgc and OG, this resulted in an awkward situation. The organization did not want the Dota 2 streamer to stream tournaments they co-own as he would be seen as a direct competitor, directly affecting the overall ratings of the tournament. Since both parties wanted to proceed on their own terms, they decided to part ways.

Streamers live streaming official tournaments have since been a thing. So, to avoid viewership competition, official tournament organizers have put up guidelines for streamers to follow, such is the case involving Gorgc and OG. While both parties continued to be successful, it would still be interesting to see the type of content they would be able to make if only the partnership flourished.

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