Classic DOS Game Blade Warrior Now Available On Steam

Three other DOS games released.
DOS game makes a comeback.
DOS game makes a comeback. Mirror Soft

The classic DOS game Blade Warrior is now back on the PC and can be accessed through Steam. The original beat-em up version was first released back in 1991. The game combines adventuring and battling with players tasked to collect magical items.

In Blade Warrior, the sorcerer Murk is preparing to forever eliminate daylight and have night rule the land. In order to set the world free, you need to collect all seven wizards scattered across the world. Main features of Blade Warrior include:

  • Explore the deadly and strange world where the minions of Murk are everywhere.
  • Beat your enemies with the used of advanced swordplay mechanics.
  • Collect all the artifacts in order to increase your strength.
  • Gather ingredients from around the world in order to craft spells.
  • In order to travel great distances, you need to find ancient stone archways.

One notable feature you are sure to notice in Blade Warrior is the game's graphical interface. Except for the effects of magic spells and obtainable items, everything in the game is seen in silhouette. All you can see in the background is the night sky along with clouds and hills.

If this made you excited, then you are sure to love what developer Mirror Soft has in store. Not only is Mirror Soft bringing back Blade Warrior, the developer is also reviving three other DOS games as well. The first is Legend of the Sword, where you team up with a band of hardened adventures in order to seek out the legendary weapons and save Anar. The game was first released in 1998.

Get a team and save Anar.
Get a team and save Anar. Mirror Soft

If that's still not enough, you also get the chance to try out The Final Battle. The game follows Legend of the Sword. This time, the wizard has again obtained the artifacts and is using his mutant army to threaten Anar. However, with the wizard being wiser this time around, finding the crystals is your only hope to win and cement your legacy.

Find the crystals.
Find the crystals. Mirror Soft

Finally there is Annals of Rome, where you get to play as the leader of Rome and survive the plan of 13 hostile lands to destroy your republic. Annals of Rome arrives to Steam on September 20.

Currently Both Legend of the Sword and The Final Battle are available on Steam at 35% off.

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