Don't Even Think Release Date: F2P Battle Royale For The PS4 Comes Out Tomorrow

What even is this game?
PS4 players will get a free-to-play battle royale title on July 10, with the release of Don't Even Think.
PS4 players will get a free-to-play battle royale title on July 10, with the release of Don't Even Think. Perfect World Games

The battle royale mania continues, caring not if you’re tired of the trope or actually haven’t played it at all. This time around, it’s coming solely to the PS4 under the guise of something new and different.

The latest entry in the genre, Don’t Even Think, is quite the same as any other battle royale title. Put together a huge number of players in an open-world map and see who comes out on top. However, Dark Horse Studio, the developer behind the game, kicks things up a notch by introducing a but of asymmetry to Don’t Even Think, which it does with players turning into werewolves. Check out the trailer below to see how I'm not kidding about this at all.

It’s a somewhat strange concept which most probably stemmed from the popularity achieved by Fortnite with its crossover with Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Judging by the trailer – and some looking over of the game’s official site – some players will ultimately get turned into werewolves with enhanced capabilities, which should prove problematic for the rest. It remains to be seen as to how this system will be implemented, and in what capacity, as the game’s description reads like a very bad translation effort.

Still, here’s what we can glean from some of the clearer stuff in the information. The game is set a few years in the future in 2037, where recession and political turmoil is currently rampant, edging the entire world into a societal collapse. You know how this plays out: a corporation called DET-i emerges at the forefront, with its fingers in a lot of metaphorical pies – including biopharmaceuticals, which could be the explanation for werewolves and the like. The game is set in a research base named Prism City, and the players are what I’d assume to be test subjects for various nefarious experiments.

Sadly, this is all that’s to be understood from the game’s premise, as the rest reads like a very hostile attempt to be as cool, hip and edgy as possible. I guess everyone who’s interested is in for surprises, though, as it will launch for free on the PlayStation 4 later this week.

Don’t Even Think will be released on the PlayStation 4 on July 10, completely for free. Check out the website here to see if you can figure the descriptions out better than I did.

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