Domina Update v1.2.90: Profanity Filter, Bug Fixes, and More

DOMINA Update v1.2.90
DOMINA Update v1.2.90 steam

Domina recently received a new update that added tons of new content and fixed some known issues.

The developers have introduced a new option to filter offensive texts, which is pretty useful for younger audiences. The most offensive words are replaced with alternatives in text events, options, and outcomes.

Developers also included a new difficulty option for players who may issue with existing game difficulty. Now, they can choose easier game modes where getting alienated by the "evasive" mechanic early on is prevented.

Domina Update 1.2.90

  • DLC is available for purchase in the Steam Store! (Sagittarius, Velite, Scissor, Charioteer, Hall of Heroes, Livery, and Inventory)


  • 20 new story events!


  • Endless mode championship: the size of the championship now starts smaller than a regular game, and grows each year (up to max 20 opponents!)

  • Rewards for solving a level in catacombs of unholy stink are now +/-10X greater

  • Gladiators can be downgraded completely back to naked (previously they were stuck at the lowest level of equipment for each slot/loadout)

  • Gladiator morale buffs/debuffs indicate on-screen with yay/boo

  • Charioteer's whip now has a higher disarm chance if you whip a gladiator in battle. (Use Key: [E])


  • Achievement King of the Jungle didn't show up immediately when unlocked (it would show up later when the next event sync with steam stats)

  • Savestate not being cleaned up after game win/loss (user can reload old saves after championship, whoops.)

  • Events that free gladiators could occur even if the ludus only had [behemoths, lions, chariots, or horses] and no one would be freed.

  • Possibly fixed: chariots missing at the start of a race

  • After Domina event in endless mode, gladiator defaults to manual control rather than AI

  • Inventory bug: gladiators freed/sold with equipment were incorrectly having the equipment returned back to inventory despite the sale price including all equipment.

  • Fixed again maybe: achievement: thrown weapons

You can read more about the update here.

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