Doctor Who: Worlds Apart PC Game Arriving in 2021

Timey wimey.
Timey wimey. Reality Gaming Group

Good news Whovians! Looks like a new Doctor Who game is on the horizon. A PC version of the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card game is coming in 2021. It’s based on a physical trading card game of the same name.

Like the physical version, the digital game pits players against each other in a turn-based match. All battles will take place on digital tabletop boards, which depict many of the show's locations. It goes without saying that players take on the role of a Time Lord.

While the PC game is quite a bit far off, fans can now collect digital versions of the trading cards. There are more than 200 digital trading cards available based on characters, scenes, and objects drawn from the almost three-decade history of the show.

Fans can buy four different packs from the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart website. Each pack is between five and ten limited-edition cards. Each card has beautifully hand-drawn images. There are 13 different cosmetic card frames to collect too. Same with the physical counterpart, some trading cards are rarer than others. The TARDIS, for example, is likely rarer compared to the Silurian.

Additionally, a marketplace will launch next year. Here, fans can trade their cards with those from other fans. By the way, each card is secured and protected on the blockchain. There will be no extra copies or even disputes when it comes to ownership.

Here are the different card packs that fans and collectors can get:

  • Core Pack
    • Price: $4.99
    • Contains:
      • 5 cards
      • Includes random selection of cards with Core Frames.
  • Premium Pack
    • Price: $12.99
    • Contains:
      • 6 cards
      • Includes random selection of cards.
      • Mix of Core and Alien frames.
      • 1 Guaranteed Tardis Frame
  • Exclusive Pack
    • Price: $29.99
    • Contains:
      • 7 cards
      • Includes a random selection of cards
      • 7 Alien frames
      • 2 guaranteed Tardis frames
  • Tardis Pack
    • Price: $196.30
    • Contains:
      • 10 cards
      • Includes a random selection of cards.
      • 5 guaranteed Tardis frames
      • 5 guaranteed White-Point Star Frames

Reality Gaming Group Co-Founder Morten Rongaard revealed that they are thrilled to work with BBC and offer Whovians “an exciting new digital experience based on a pastime we all know and love – trading cards.” The cards in the game are not only functional but also collectible. He added: “fans can actually own a piece of the game while they play.”

John Kavanagh of BBC Studios shared that they have “worked closely with Reality Gaming Group to deliver a fantastic opportunity to collect and own these beautiful cards and use them in a unique game experience.”

So, are you ready to travel in space and time?

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