Doctor Who: The Edge of Time VR Game Scheduled For Release In September

Doctor Who: Edge of Time
Doctor Who: Edge of Time Maze Theory

Whovians ready your sonic screwdrivers as Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is set to release this September. This VR game marks another milestone in digital Doctor Who entertainment, especially with the recent release of the Doctor Who animated VR experience titled The Runaway. The game will release on the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC VIVE and even the upcoming VIVE Cosmos.

The game is developed by Maze Theory and is published by Playstack. It is expected to take fans to a world of aliens, wonder, and mystery. Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time stars the current incarnation of the Doctor, played by the wonderful Jodie Whittaker.

This time around, the Doctor has been thrown through time and to the end of the universe. In the Doctor's absence, a virus has been unleashed that threatens to destroy reality itself. Players need to pilot the TARDIS and go on a journey to familiar worlds as well as strange ones. The goal is to collect a series of time crystals, ones strong enough to repair spacetime and thus save the universe.

In order to find the Doctor, players need to solve puzzles and fight against classic Doctor Who enemies like the Daleks.

Marcus Moresby, Creative Director at Maze Theory, said that Doctor Who remains to be both a timeless and exciting franchise, one that has a committed and global fan base. He added in a press release that Maze Theory are "committed to re-defining storytelling through awesome, innovative and immersive experiences in virtual reality." The company hopes to give fans a new experience, Moresby continues, and a chance to team-up with the Doctor, much like how it is for the companions in the show. The biggest draw of the game, he concludes, is being able to pilot the TARDIS.

According to PlayStack CEO Harvey Elliott, VR remains "unmatched in its ability to transport people to far flung worlds. PlayStack has always seen this as the central promise of the technology, and for us there’s no better place to take players than the iconic, eccentric, and deeply fascinating world of Doctor Who." He added that Playstack is happy to be working with both BBC and Maze for this project and are more than excited for the fans to get to play the game.

Finally, BBC Studios Head of Digital Entertainment & Games Bradley Crooks related that in order to have a genuinely immersive Doctor Who experience, the best platform is virtual reality. Gaming is an integral part of the Doctor Who's future, he said in the release, since it allows new and exciting stories to be told even from beyond TV. Crooks said that both fans and newcomers to the Doctor Who world are sure to "experience the universe of Doctor Who like never before, working with the Doctor and facing enemies new and old."

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