'Doctor Strange' International Trailer Blasts You With Psychedelia, Counterbalances That Benedict Cumberbatch Placidity

That's more like it, 'Doctor Strange.'
That's more like it, 'Doctor Strange.' Marvel Studios

Until recently Doctor Strange was looking like a snooze, as skippable as Thor: The Dark World . Benedict Cumberbatch’s affectless performances are starting to get old. Mads Mikkelsen may be an international treasure, but as baddie Kaecilius he looked as marginal as most Marvel villains. The screenwriter and director’s breakout movie, Sinister, was one of the more overrated horror movies of recent years. Even the magic in early trailers felt derivative of Inception and just as dull and colorless.

But then this “Universes Within” featurette came out and finally showed us the other side of Doctor Strange:

Finally, the Steve Ditko madness we were promised.

Now a new international trailer for Doctor Strange has dropped. And while it’s not as psychedelic as the featurette, it’s loaded with the trippy effects that might make Doctor Strange worthwhile after all:

Doctor Strange will be out in theaters Nov. 4, probably with the final trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story attached.

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