'Doctor Strange' After Credits Scene Spoilers: Is Benedict Cumberbatch Playing A Magical Totalitarian?

doctor strange benedict cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Doctor Strange Marvel

ScreenCrush has a detailed write-up of the two Doctor Strange after credits scenes, and the first one seems to depict Doctor Strange as a power-drunk, magical totalitarian.

“By the end of the film, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange has made it his mission to rid our world of mystical threats,” Britt Hayes of ScreenCrush writes. Sounds like your typical elite, certain that power can be safely wielded in their hands, but not yours.

Doctor Strange will first target Thor, inviting him to the Sanctum Sanctorum ostensibly to discuss Loki. Instead, Strange busts out an ultimatum: I’ll help you track down Odin if you and your brother leave Earth alone… forever.

Yes, it seems after just one movie of superheroics, Doctor Strange is ready to determine the Earth’s future from his richly appointed penthouse in Greenwich Village. What a jerk.

These 'Doctor Strange' allies part ways in the after credits scenes. Photo: Marvel Studios

That’s the mid-credits scene. The after after credits scene is about Baron Mordo, played in Doctor Strange by Chiwetel Eijiofor. While he acts as an ally to Doctor Strange throughout the movie, the after credits scene promises a more villainous Baron Mordo in future installments. Jealous of Doctor Strange becoming Sorcerer Supreme, the after credits sequence shows Mordo stealing the magical energy of other practitioners of the magic arts. “There are too many sorcerers,” he says as he tears magical power from Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Bratt).

It looks like the Doctor Strange after credits sequences will do two things: establish a villain for future sequels and solidify Doctor Strange as an imperious dick, who, just like Harry Potter, wants to keep all the magic powers for himself.

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