The Division 2: Ubisoft Shares More Recalibration Details

Recalibration Scores have been added, capping at 100.
The public test server for The Division 2 is now live.
The public test server for The Division 2 is now live. Ubisoft

Ubisoft, along with developer Massive Entertainment, outlined the recent recalibration update for The Division 2 and what players can expect from this feature moving forward.

The developer recently streamed its latest State of the Game for The Division 2, along with some of the notable news and updates for the title. As anyone’s well aware by now, the launch of Title Update 3 for The Division 2 also brought with it the game’s first ever Raid instance, called Operation Dark Hours. The raid was an overall success, and the first teams to complete it were given the honor of being commemorated in the base of operations on each of the three platforms.

That said, the livestream also discussed some of the bug fixes and updates made to The Division 2, which was dominated by the release of the massive Title Update 3. One of the key features presented in the update got its own posting on the Ubisoft site, and it is called the recalibration system. The data for the recalibration system was collected across Ubisoft’s various social media channels, as well as the PTS on PC.

First off, if you’re new to The Division 2, recalibration refers to the system which offers players the opportunity to customize pieces of their equipment, allowing them to better suit your needs according to playstyle and build. Not every weapon and gear piece drop with the stats that you need, and recalibration helps with that by allowing you to transfer attributes and talents from one piece of gear to another.

Ubisoft has reworked the existing recalibration system in Title Update 3. While at its core, it remains unchanged, the developers have added some new features for it. For one thing, recalibration now has a value, called recalibration score. This is visible on all pieces of gear and weapons and is capped at 100. The value will fluctuate depending on your gear attributes. This basically means that you can no longer reach gear score 515 through recalibration, although there is still a case for it due to larger attributes allowing for recalibration without decreasing their values.

For the whole post regarding changes to recalibration and what they mean for the game, check the entirety of the post here.

The Division 2 is now available to play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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