The Division 2 State Of The Game Recap 6/5: Title Update 4 On The PTS And Gunner Specialization

Fixed issues in TU 3.1, as well as a details on how to unlock the Gunner specialization once it goes live.
Ubisoft has released the latest State of the Game livestream for The Division 2. Find out all the tackled topics right here.
Ubisoft has released the latest State of the Game livestream for The Division 2. Find out all the tackled topics right here. Ubisoft

Another week has passed for The Division 2, and with it another State of the Game recap, where the developers talk about some of the biggest news and updates that came with the game in the last week.

This week’s recap is a pretty major one, as earlier this week we finally got to see a closer look at the newest Specialization available in The Division 2: the Gunner, which is live now on the PC in the public test server. One of the game’s lead designers, Fredrik Thylander, also made his way on the show to talk about one of the most awaited updates in the game: Title Update 4.

Check out the State of the Game full stream below for the whole thing, followed by a quick recap after the jump. Also, check out the previous State of the Game recap here, where the maintenance updates were discussed at length, as well as enemy NPC speed and aggression values.

Maintenance Updates

  • Many of the NPC issues discussed in the last State of the Game were fixed within Monday's Patch 3.1.
  • A PvP armor exploit that gave around 200 players access to recalibrating specialized armor was also fixed with TU 3.1 These players received an official warning, with further violations resulting in a ban.
  • After hearing a report that 50% of bullets were disappearing on the shooting range on PS4, an investigation showed that this was present on all platforms and only affects that specific lane. This only happens in the shooting range, and it's been confirmed that it doesn't happen elsewhere in the game.
  • No maintenance for today, June 6, but expect a possible one for tomorrow.
  • The complete change log can also be found in the forums.

Title Update 4 is Currently on PTS

  • The Gunner specialization is now live on the PTS on PC. Players can now test it out and give various feedback on the newest specialization.
  • Once Title Update 4 goes live, you will need to complete in-game missions for a Special Field Research assignment in order to unlock the Gunner specialization.
  • The Gunner employs new tactics like the Banshee special and Riot Foam grenades.
  • Alternatively, you can unlock the Gunner if you have the Year 1 Pass. Doing this and the Special Field Research will give you unique cosmetic items as well.

Fredrik Thylander Talks Title Update 4

  • New UI elements are coming for specialization ammunition. Here's how to earn them:
    • Your agent's life bar that will fill slowly. But headshots, killing enemies effected by status, and additional Specialization actions will help fill that bar more quickly.
    • Ammunition will be easier to track and appear less randomly.
  • Specialization trees are getting a rework. Expect to see new nerfs, buffs, and changes.
  • Any specialization can now pick any weapon to spec into. You're no longer bound to specific weapons with specific specializations.
  • Generic gear mod slots have been added and a "like-for-like" system has been introduced. This allows for more streamlined, more visual modification.
  • Non-toggle Rogue has returned to the Occupied Dark Zone.

To check for the full list of topics discussed, plus a full VOD of the livestream itself, check it out here.

The Division 2 is now available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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