The Division 2 Open Beta Leaked By Developers On Twitch [UPDATE]

Is a public beta for The Division 2 coming?
Is a public beta for The Division 2 coming? Ubisoft


The Division 2 officially is hosting an open beta. This information was just announced on the official The Division 2 website. The beta will take place from March 1 to March 4. More information on the open beta will release soon.

Original story is as follows...

The Division 2’s private beta has come to a close, but another opportunity for playing the game before its release date may be coming soon. This information comes from a Twitch stream with The Division 2 developers during the private beta, as captured by Twitch user TiniestBuckle.

In the video above, the The Division 2 developer mentions a bug found in the private beta. He then says “we’re going to fix that for the open beta.” As of publishing time, no public beta for The Division 2 has been confirmed. Either the developer misspoke, or more likely, he said something he wasn’t supposed to.

So what would a public beta be like for The Division 2 and when can we expect it to take place? Any public beta will likely include all the content from the private beta, and possibly another mission or two. I doubt the public beta will add any significant content updates. It’s also possible the servers will be wiped to apply updates between the two betas, so those that participated in the private beta may have to start all over with a new character.

As for when a public The Division 2 beta could take place, there are a few weekends left between now and the game’s release date on March 15. A logical time would be the first weekend of March, from March 1 to March 4. This would provide the development team two additional weeks to make adjustments based on the beta’s feedback.

All this is speculation until Ubisoft makes any sort of formal announcement. It’s possible the developer in the clip simply misspoke. That said, a game hosting a public beta before it launches isn’t that surprising of a move, and is generally how games are released in the age of “games as a service” products. Keep an eye on the Ubisoft and The Division Twitter accounts for any up-to-date news about a beta announcement.

The Division 2 releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 15.

So what do you think? Did you see The Division 2 hosting a public beta before its March 15 release date? Do you think this is all a case of someone misspeaking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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