The Division 2 Delays Major Update Release to Next Year

A delay on the new content.
A delay on the new content. Ubisoft

Looks like there’s bad news for The Division 2 players. The planned major update, new season, and new game mode have been delayed to February 2022. That pretty much means a longer wait.

For those who aren't updated, it was back in March of this year when it was first announced that the new update would be coming out in late 2021. At this time, the said update was still in the early stages of development and needed a few months to be completed.

So why the delay? According to the development team, they had been working hard on this new update which included new content, a new game mode, and endgame changes.

Since the first announcement, the team made different iterations and ensured that the quality was not compromised. After all, this new update was considered by the team to be the most ambitious ever.

The team hopes that by moving the release date of the new update, they would have more time to deliver the best quality. The team, however, promised everyone that they are going to continue to support the game as well as work and solve live issues.

That said, there are still things that players can expect in the coming months. One of these is the return of the Intelligence Annex initiative. Every month, the team will release dedicated in-depth articles to provide features and changes. The first episode is set to come out this week and is going to feature an introduction from Expert Game Designer Trick Dempsey. One of the things he’s going to talk about is the Specialization Revamp.

Once Season 7 ends in December, there’s going to be an in-game event that reintroduces some favorite global events, new rewards, and an apparel event.

Finally, the new season and associated content are set to have their reveal in January 2022.

What do you think? Is it a good move to delay the release?

The Division 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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