Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! Square Enix

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is celebrating its fifth anniversary, so there are many new in-game content, events, and of course, rewards. There are also a bunch of new rewards for new players, which makes this the perfect time to get the game.

One of the events players can look forward to is the 5th Anniversary Event: CREVASSE. This special limited-time event runs until February 14 and those able to clear it can get Status Badges, High Power Stones, and even Force Stone Fragments.

Celebrate with Draws

There are three draws available during the celebration and these are:

  • Special Draw (Until March 2)
    • Players can join in a 50+1 Draw Banner and receive weapons for Final Fantasy characters in-game.
    • All BT, FR, LD, and EX weapons released on and before January 25 are included in this Draw Banner pool.
    • This draw guarantees at least one BT weapon.
    • In addition to the single 50+1 Draw, players can buy an extra 50+1 Draw Ticket from a chest sale available only in the Global Version until March 2.
  • Campaign Daily Draw Banner (Until March 2)
    • A Daily Draw Banner is available for one free Multi Draw a day.
    • All FR, LD, and EX weapons released on and before January 25 are included in the Draw Banner pool.
  • Free First Multi Draws
    • All Draw Banners starting during the Anniversary Campaign period features a free first Multi Draw, which has different weapons for different events.

Other Offers

  • Double Experience for All Characters (Until March 2)
    • All characters get twice the amount of EXP and Summon Points as normal.
  • Special Tutorial Bonus and New Warrior Chest Sale (Until March 2)
    • Various new bonuses are available to help new players start their adventures in the game.
    • New players able to complete Chapter 1 “Primus Island” get additional rewards that include:
      • 20,000 Gems
      • 250 EX Power Orbs
      • 250 EX Guard Orbs
    • New chests are added to the New Warrior Gem Sales, available for purchase for 14 days upon players’ first login or account creation.
      • These chest sets include Draw Tickets x20 or x80, which lets players draw for more weapons.
  • Anniversary Sticker and Status Badges (Until March 2)
    • A new animated 5th Anniversary Sticker that can be used during Co-op Battles is available in-game in addition to six new Status Badges.
    • Two Status Badge Icons are added permanently to the Badge Token Exchange.
    • One Status Badge is given out for free through Login Bonus.
    • The remaining three of the six new Status Badges can be obtained by clearing anniversary events like:
      • CREVASSE NORMAL and HARD until February 14
      • “Dare 2 Defy” until March 13.

Welcome Penelo

Penelo of Final Fantasy is going to be featured until February 3 through the "Global-First" BT and FR weapons release, Weapon Gloss Gem Sale, and Costume Sale. Players have the chance to get Penelo’s FR weapon until February 14 while they have until February 23 to get her BT weapon until February 23.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is available for free on Google Play and App Store.

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