Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Releases January Update

January update is here.
January update is here. Square Enix

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT released its update for January just in time for its second anniversary. This fighting game from Team Ninja was first released in January 2018. In the game, players fight each other using characters from the Final Fantasy franchise.

As part of the January update, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is releasing an exclusive Player Icon Campaign. The campaign period starts on January 9 and ends on February 6. During the period, players earn exclusive player icons on the results screen for each battle where they participate. The modes to earn player icon include ranked matches, custom matches, gauntlet mode, sparring matches, and story battles. Custom match event lobbies and tutorials, are not eligible.

That's not all, as the update also brings these to the game:

  • Gillionaire Campaign
    • During the campaign players earn quadruple the normal amount of gil after each battle.
    • Campaign Period: January 9 to January 23
  • Limited Edition Player Icons
    • Gold-bordered icons for each character have been added to the shop for a limited time only.
    • Availability: January 9 to February 6
  • Limited Edition Songs
    • Battle tracks have been added to the shop for a limited time only.
    • Availability: January 9 to February 6


The January update made changes to some summons as well as some characters. These include:

  • Summons
    • Alexander
      • Skill: Divine Judgment
        • Decreased move telegraphing by 10f.
        • Increased light pillar size radius by 2m.
        • Changed light pillar distribution intervals.
    • Odin
      • Bladeglint
        • Increased movement speed modifier to 1.075x from 1.05x.
  • Characters
    • Warrior of Light
      • Indomitable Change
        • Increased potency to 416 from 400.
      • Bitter End
        • Increased range by 1m.
        • Widened vertical cone by 5 degrees in both directions
    • Tifa
      • Beat Rush
        • Decreased ability to damage the summoning core.
      • Smashing Kick
        • Decreased ability to damage the summoning core.
        • Adjusted action logic before the initial hit lands (the timing intervals before and after jumping).

Character Rank Additions and Adjustments

This new update also helps prepare players for the release of the Ultima Rank. With this, the maximum number of points for Crystal A is upped from 100 to 400 with a demarcation line placed at 300 points. Be quick as the preparatory period started on January 9 and is set to end on January 22. Characters that have more than 300 points when the preparatory period ends move forward to Ultima E Rank the first time they are played after the update scheduled for January 23.

Premium DLC

Players who have the DLC receive a new character. This month's is none other Final Fantasy XV’s Ardyn Izunia. After accumulating Spectral Charge, Ardyn is able to summon weapons. Meanwhile his unique EX skill Shadowstep lets him become invincible while dashing.

You can view all the changes that arrived with the January update here.

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