Deliver Us Mars Update 1.0.1 Brings Significant Performance Improvements, Patch Notes Here

It's all about the red planet.
It's all about the red planet. KeokeN Interactive

Deliver Us Mars, the sequel to the hit title Deliver Us the Moon, was released early this month. While many are enjoying the much-anticipated sequel, some players have encountered performance issues. So, the developer released the first patch that solves the said issues. A ton of QoL improvements are made as well.

The loading time when going through caves and airlocks has been improved, and the performance hit of using the Hair Groom setting in cutscenes is reduced. Using DLSS Frame Generation will now turn off VSync, and a checkpoint triggering while climbing won’t cause performance stutter anymore.

You can read about the rest of the changes below.

Notable Performance Issues Addressed
  • Performance of hologram cutscenes whilst Ray Tracing is turned on has been greatly improved.
Additional Quality Improvements
  • Added a prompt for when you need to backwards jump in the Odum caves that explains the necessary controls.
  • Camera tweaks while in Zero gravity to help prevent motion sickness.
  • Improved targeting of buttons when Kathy is stood closer to them.
  • The game will now display an icon whilst an autosave is being created.
  • Fixed MPT Resistors falling out of the world when AYLA carried them out of range.
  • Many fixes to improve Kathy’s ability to clamber up objects across the game.
  • Added some blocking volumes to prevent players getting stuck in various areas.
  • Fixed a blocker in the Prologue relating to Kathy being crouched when triggering certain elements.
  • Claire’s height changed in the prologue to match her appearance for this chapter.
  • Fixed collision in a few areas of the Prologue so that players can no longer get stuck in a falling animation.
  • Increased the size of the blocking volume above the puzzle building in Chapter 1 to prevent players from getting out of the play area.
  • Fixed a duplicated helmet during the launch sequence of Chapter 1.
  • Fixed Young Kathy missing her hands in a scene in Chapter 2.
  • Added underwater ambience during the appropriate sections of Chapter 2.
  • Prevented being able to trigger one of the detective sequences in Chapter 2 a second time after completing the puzzle and reloading the game.
  • Adjusted the position of a target point for an objective marker in Chapter 3.
  • Moved a light in chapter 5 that caused Kathy's head to get a bright glow.
  • Kathy should no longer snap into place during a scene in Chapter 5.
  • Removed extremely unfortunately placed save point Chapter 6, which fixes a death loop.
  • Fixed McArthur’s hologram going missing during a cutscene in Chapter 7.

You can read the complete patch notes of Deliver Us Mars Update 1.0.1 on Steam.

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