Discovery Channel To Develop Games Based On Educational Shows

With partnerships with Ubisoft and other players in the gaming industry, Discovery Game Studios looks promising.
Discovery Game Studio opens up new doors to interactive educational entertainment.
Discovery Game Studio opens up new doors to interactive educational entertainment. Discovery, Inc.

Discovery, Inc., the company behind the media network that broadcasts the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, has recently announced that it has taken an interest in the gaming industry. This interest was solidified with the launch of the Discovery Game Studio, a game development studio created to build interactive and educational games based on popular shows on the network.

Discovery Game Studio intends to develop, license, and distribute video games and interactive experiences across multiple platforms, including consoles and mobile devices. While we don't know what Discovery Game Studio is up to right now, Discovery has announced that their projects will be based on popular shows on their network, to allow fans to enjoy more of their favorite content in a way that is new, unique, and interactive. That said, it's not too far fetched to dream up expertly crafted wildlife photography simulators, cooking simulators, exploration games, and realistic wilderness survival games in the not-too-distant future.

Discovery has been trying to get into the gaming industry for a while now, having outsourced the development work on a handful of games based off of TV shows on their network. However, with the launch of the Discovery Game Studio, the company intends to move game development in-house, where they'll be able to have better control over development projects.

While a newcomer to the gaming industry, Discovery is hardly alone in its endeavor. Big players like Ubisoft, Jam City, Gamaga, and more are already pursuing partnerships with the educational entertainment network. Through these partnerships, Discovery has already managed to get 12 titles based on their shows to the market.

Over the past year, more and more companies are realizing that the gaming industry is a goldmine for opportunity. Companies like Netflix and Google have been extending their capabilities to unserved and underserved markets in gaming. Netflix is adopting video games into movies and TV series, and Google is all set to change the industry itself with the coming of Google Stadia. Discovery, Inc has been around since 1985, and for the past 35 years has provided the world with interesting and educational documentaries about nature, science, history, and more. With the world evolving towards interactive experiences, Discovery aims to evolve itself to cater to the needs of people.

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