DiRT 5's Stampede Time Trial Mode Featured In New Gameplay Video

Putting the actual 'dirt' in DiRT 5 through immensely difficult to handle tracks.
Codemasters has released a new gameplay video for DiRT 5, this time featuring the Stampede Time Trial.
Codemasters has released a new gameplay video for DiRT 5, this time featuring the Stampede Time Trial. Codemasters

Publisher Codemasters has just unveiled a brand-new gameplay video of their upcoming racing simulator DiRT 5 which features a first look at one of the game’s tracks dubbed Stampede. The Stampede Time Trial has been uploaded on the official DiRT YouTube Channel.

The Stampede track shown in the video is just one of many from the Stampede circuits. As described by Codemasters, they are “hard, unforgiving natural landscapes, built for rough-and-ready machines, Stampede circuits are tough, to say the least.” That is very evident in the two-minute gameplay trailer. With the heavy duty Jimco Unlimited Truck’s power on display, we are able to see the track’s sharp twists and turns, paired with slopes that make handling the vehicle hellish for any newbie driver. Codemasters has also boasted DiRT 5’s new and improved features such as the game’s dynamic weather system that affects the terrain and skyline.

Putting aside the track’s innate difficulty, the Stampede mode is made even more challenging by the fact that the weather adversely and realistically affects terrain conditions. Just by watching the clip, every slide and swerve can be felt. Aesthetics wise, it is great to look at. The initial part of the video shows a murky sky with clouds overhead blocking the beautiful view of the Arizona buttes. Midway through, a fully-fledged storm occurs, which makes for some cinematic shots of lightning across the landscape and raindrops littering the truck’s hood. Muddy puddles can also be seen strewn all over the lower part of the tracks. Finally, a bright blue sky marked with clouds punctuates the gameplay video, now paired with a dry and dusty track, which is still equally challenging.

Dozens of announcements have been made since the upcoming DiRT installment was announced in May of this year. Some of these include details regarding the game’s car classes, all-new game modes, and the added brand new ‘Path Finder’ mode.

DiRT 5 is set to launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on October 9. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions are scheduled to release later this year with a Stadia version to follow in early 2020.

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