DiRT 5 Confirmed For A November 10 Launch On The Xbox Series Consoles

Due out for current gen consoles and PC on November 6.
Codemasters will be releasing DIRT 5 as a launch title for the Xbox Series consoles on November 10.
Codemasters will be releasing DIRT 5 as a launch title for the Xbox Series consoles on November 10. Codemasters

Codemasters will release its upcoming racing game DiRT 5 as an Xbox Series launch title. DiRT 5, which will come out four days prior to Microsoft’s next-gen consoles’ release, will be available for both the Series S and Series X on November 10. Check out the official tweet from Codemasters below.

While the game is not a true next-gen title, a cross-generational one instead, the announcement is still a welcome one considering the main selling point of Microsoft’s next-gen offerings is the massive Game Pass library. Having notable new games release alongside Game Pass is a welcomed boost to the already attractive pricing model announced by Microsoft, especially for the Xbox All Access for Series S which starts at just $25 a month.

Alongside the announcement, Codemasters also released a new gameplay video, this time showing an Ice Breaker event, one of the notable new additions to DiRT 5. The event takes place on a frozen East River in New York and takes place at night, showing off the incredible lighting and other graphical capabilities of the game. Check out the gameplay video below.

The footage looks great and all, but we still don't know if the video was captured on the Xbox Series consoles or on PC. Despite the large ‘Work in Progress’ sign at the upper left, the game looks ready to ship, and it gives off major DiRT 3 vibes which should please a lot of fans of the series that were left wanting with DiRT 4.

DiRT 5 is also one of the many games that supports the Xbox Series consoles’ Smart Delivery feature at launch. This means that players can purchase a copy of DiRT 5 beforehand on an Xbox One and get an upgraded version once they own an Xbox Series console. It is a good opportunity for fans of the series who are also looking to buy an Xbox Series console later, but still want a way to play the game immediately on their existing console.

DiRT 5 will be released alongside the Xbox Series consoles as a launch title on November 10. It will also be available for purchase on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam on November 6, and later in the year for PS5.

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