Dirge: Hotfix v0.1.9.2 Adjusts Default Match Time; Wraith Disarming

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Dirge is an epic game where you fight paranormal monsters. You and three other people can band together in search of these supernatural beings roaming around the haunted Hillview Manor.

Anyway, the game’s latest update made some balancing changes. The first is that Spirits now do less damage. Wraiths can now disable traps, and they recover a portion of energy when traps did not work.

Hotfix v0.1.9.2 also addresses some bugs that can break game immersion. For instance, the issue where the compass does not match where you’re moving has been resolved. Another significant problem where you couldn’t pick up 9-mm magazines sometimes is now fixed.

Some system changes and optimizations have been applied too. One of these is that the default match time is now set to just 30 minutes, instead of having it run indefinitely. The developers have also reworked the loading code, which makes characters, minions, and task items load faster than before.


  • If a human Wraith Monster is selected, players now start with 1 battery
  • Halved the natural drain rate of battery from the flashlight
  • Reworked collision calculations to reduce from complex to simple resulting in higher FPS
  • Removed intense portions of some audio tracks as it doesn't match the ambiance of the game when no action is occurring
  • Disabled Revenant leap as that's still broken
  • P38 now has reload sound
  • Office cabinets now have clutter
  • H for Health and B for Battery now have spam timers
  • Spectators now show on Alive or Dead HUD
  • Spectators can now see themselves on the map
  • Player names are now also on the Alive or Dead HUD
  • Vitals now have text labels
  • Clothes in the closet now randomize
  • When opening a menu, previous menus are closed to prevent getting stuck with a bunch of menus open
  • Character pitch is now replicated to the animation so other players can see you looking up or down correctly
  • Devour icon disappears once a corpse can no longer be devoured
  • Armored Knights should now wake then walk as expected
  • Fixed issue where a bunch of guns spawned in a drawer you couldn't pickup
  • Fixed bug where selecting revenant would mess up a bunch of match settings
  • Dead players no longer count as in the crypt for Wraith warning
  • Fixed issue where interaction line trace was hitting doors for Shadow Realm Wraith
  • Quitting the game now shows up as the character dying on the HUD
  • Safe map locations now show on the right floor
  • Dead investigators no longer have cold breath while dead

Dirge Hotfix v0.1.9.2 is available on PC.

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