'Digimon World: Next Order' Tips: Digivolving, Finding Your Best Partner And Easy Recruitment

Leomon is a noble beast, I still haven't found him in Digimon World: Next Order
Leomon is a noble beast, I still haven't found him in Digimon World: Next Order Digimon Tamers

I’ve now logged over 12 hours into Digimon World: Next Order and finally gotten past chapter one. Digimon World 1 is one of my favorite games of all time and Bandai-Namco have turned me into a ten-year-old all over again. On my travels across the Server Desert, I have uncovered a few important tips that are going to make playing this game that much easier. DW:NO might be a fun game, but it does a terrible job explaining how it works.

Here are some must-know facts for starting your digital adventure in Digimon World: Next Order .

Start On Easy: I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s still the first and biggest mistake any new tamer can make. The only difference between Normal and Easy is you get half the stats from battle and training meaning it’s much harder to get the Digimon you want. I ended up with two Numemons in my original playthrough on Normal and had to restart the game. Don’t be like me.

Grinding Is Everything- Every training session you do in the digital world takes away one of their hours. Do a couple of those and your Digimon get tired and need to rest, which takes another hour. Repeat the process over and over and a couple of real world hours have gone by. Move across the plain, fight Digimon, walk back to the Village, rest again, go out and fight more, ad infinitum. If you wanted to just have good Digimon handed to you, this is not your game.

Getting Your Dream Digimon Partner Isn’t easy- If you are going into DW:NO thinking that you’ll be getting Terriermon on your first playthrough, think again. Filling out specific stat requirements when the clock hits a certain time is the only way to get the Digimon you want. Your Wisdom too low or you miss the toilet too many times? Good luck getting anything besides a Tsukaimon. Don’t get discouraged if you get “trash,” just keep training and filling out that History tab until you get exactly what you want.

Your Digimon Will Die- The reincarnation system in DW:NO forces you to train up a beloved Digimon partner, only to have them die after 20 days. The first time this happens, it’s pretty shocking. When my Taomon kicked the bucket I cried for a bit, but only because I knew I’d have to retrain some Digimon just to move the story along.

Focus On Recruitment Early- Your Village grows depending on how many Digimon you can bring back to the village. There are a ton of easy gets, like Tentomon or Wormmon , while others require story advancements, like Meramon or Renamon. Mid-game, Jijimon will need you to bring back 15 Digimon to the city, which you can do easily with this guide. The bigger your city gets, the cooler the rewards. Once your city grows into a sprawling metropolis (at the end of chapter one) you can recruit some amazing Digimon, like Greymon, who makes tents, or Seadramon, who has his own fishing pond.

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