Digimon ReArise Releases For Western Players Later This Year

Pre-registration is available now for both Android and iOS devices.
Bandai Namco announced the Western release of Digimon ReArise, set for later this year.
Bandai Namco announced the Western release of Digimon ReArise, set for later this year. Bandai Namco

The monster-battling RPG Digimon ReArise will be coming soon to western mobile devices, as announced by publisher Bandai Namco. A pre-order campaign via the App Store and Google Play also accompanied the game’s launch announcement.

The story of Digimon ReArise starts when the Pusurimon appears on your smartphone. Soon after, mysterious creatures known as “Spirals” start attacking you. It is at this moment that Pusurimon “Realizes” to reality from your smartphone and Digivolves into Herissmon to fight against the unknown Spiral threat.

Gameplay-wise, we can expect a mobile based role-playing game such as Digimon ReArise to be mostly comprised of real-time battles up to five on five. Co-op play is available in the form of Clash Battles, wherein players can team up PvE style to defeat mighty bosses. Although it isn’t expected to be available at launch, future updates also include PvP elements where Tamers can pit their Digimon against other Tamers’ Digimon in the Battle Park. To succeed in all of these, you need to go through the journey with your Herissmon against the Spirals, it is here where you will gain enough experience to level up your Digimon.

Initially released in Japan for smartphone in June of 2018, Digimo ReArise will now come to the west for both iOS and Android devices. Bandai Namco’s pre-registration campaign comes with its perks. Those who pre-order the game now will be rewarded with a special DigiEgg that eventually becomes a Pumpkinmon once the global sign up reaches the 500,000 mark. If the campaign is successful, players of the global version can then DIgivolve their Pumpkinmon into a powerfule Mega form earlier than players of the Japanese version, providing an edge for future adventures and fights to come.

The mobile game is free to play, although it goes without saying that it will come with in-app purchases. For Western fans of the Digimon franchise, Digimon ReArise will “realize” on your smartphones by 2019. No date has been confirmed yet, although the pre-order page on the App Store indicates that the game will be available by October 21, 2019.

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