‘Digimon Adventure Tri’ Part 2 Coming To Crunchyroll March 12 [VIDEO]

digimon adventure tri part 2 poster
The poster for 'Digimon Adventure: tri' part 2 Toei

The second part of the Digimon Adventure Tri special is releasing in Japanese theaters on March 12, but fans outside of Japan have been clamoring for the continuation of Digidestined reunion since the first part debuted on Crunchyroll in November.

But over the weekend, Crunchyroll announced that Digimon Adventure Tri Part 2 will be released on its streaming service March 12. Here’s the official Crunchyroll Twitter account with the announcement and promo trailer.

Chapter 2 of Digimon Adventure Tri is titled “Determination” and follows “Reunion” from last year, as the Digidestined that many fans of the 90s grew up with return as high school students to save the world from an unknown threat.

From the promo video released by Crunchyroll, we see a lot going on with Joe and Mimi and more information on the latest Digidestined.

Crunchyroll rolled out part 1 with four episodes back in November and will presumably do the same with part 2. There hasn’t been any specific details as to how Crunchyroll will distribute the series (and we will update as soon as we get them) but we do know that Digimon Adventure Tri will have a part 3, titled “Confession.”

The second trailer even teases the departure of Patamon from the group. What does this mean? Find out when Digimon Adventure Tri Part 2 releases March 12 on Crunchyroll. In the meantime, check out the latest trailer below and let us know your thoughts on the anime in the comments section.

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