Diablo Immortal Whales Switching to Monk as Hero Continues to Dominate PvP

Whales are spending thousands of dollars on in-game transactions just to equip their characters with legendary gems.
Whales are spending thousands of dollars on in-game transactions just to equip their characters with legendary gems. Twitter/@AppStore

The current PvP meta in Diablo Immortal right now is being dominated by players who main the Monk class. And, as expected from whales, they have started changing their class in Blizzard’s RPG mobile game as they hope to take advantage of other players.

It holds true that every class in Diablo Immortal is capable of achieving general play and dominating the matchmaking realm. However, everyone in the community seems to agree that Monks are the best class to choose if you want to conquer feats easily.

The biggest spenders in Blizzard’s mobile game are called whales, and believe it or not, some of them are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on real-money transactions just to equip their heroes with the best legendary gems. By doing so, their characters can build a stat known as “resonance,” which serves as a multiplier to a character’s damage output and life. This right here brings a significant difference in builds in PvP modes like Battlegrounds.

So, how does Monk come into play and why is the hero deadlier than others in PvP? The culprit is none other than the skill called Shield of Zen, a protective bubble capable of absorbing damage. But on top of its ability to eat damage with ease, it also prevents all effects that can cause the loss of control of a character. Players have the option to use it on themselves or their allies.

One of the most famous whale players in Diablo Immortal, known as “jtisallbusiness,” made the switch to use Monk. He previously played as a Barbarian and was temporarily unable to play PvP after reportedly dishing out a shocking amount of $100K on the mobile game. Although his Barbarian would strike fear in his opponents, coordinated attacks involving chain stuns could easily get him eliminated. But now, with the Shield of Zen, the player can get teammates out of trouble while having a protective shield. The latter, in particular, enables the hero to prevent any impending effects from happening.

Of course, the community is divided, with some wanting Blizzard to nerf Monk, especially with just how powerful the Shield of Zen is. Time will tell if the studio wants to nerf the hero, or updates would arrive to other classes to help balance the roster.

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