Blizzard Releases Rising Damnation Event for Diablo Immortal

The new limited-time event will run between January 5 and January 13.
The new limited-time event will run between January 5 and January 13. Twitter/@DiabloImmortal

While there are still those who continue to hate Diablo Immortal, one cannot simply argue the fact that Blizzard has been faithful in releasing new content every now and then. The studio appears committed to reeling in a collection of updates despite having to spend an enormous amount of money. And now, the developers have kicked off the new year with a brand-new event.

The new Diablo Immortal limited-time event is called Rising Damnation, giving players new daily tasks to complete and earn rewards. On top of the event, Blizzard also introduced some smaller tweaks to other aspects of the mobile game like the ability to buy Reforge Stones with Platinum instead of the Eternal Orbs premium currency.

There are also interesting changes that came with the update. For instance, party leaders in Diablo Immortal can now share their bounties automatically with all other party members. Moreover, Aspirant’s Keys and Gems can now be automatically looted within Iben Fahd’s Sanctum. These are without a doubt some of the much-needed quality-of-life improvements the game needs.

"We are beginning 2023 with a smaller Content Update, comprised of a new limited-time event and a variety of updates to existing game features," Blizzard's patch notes state.

Blizzard also added that more “Content Updates and additional Major Updates” are coming to Diablo Immortal. These are definitely something fans and players alike can look forward to. The Rising Damnation event is available between January 5 and January 13, and during its run, players are able to obtain rewards while doing heroics. Of course, as mentioned, tasks must be completed throughout the event to obtain rewards.

Diablo Immortal received a backlash after it was launched in the summer of 2022 due to the monetization system implemented. Despite its existence, the game continues to rake in revenue for Blizzard. In the company’s Q3 financial results, the game was ranked among the top 10 grossing mobile games in China after its launch in the region. This surely speaks volumes of the game’s continued success.

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