Diablo Immortal: Punish the Minions of Hell with New Legendary Items in Latest Update

April 26 Update
April 26 Update Twitter/@DiabloImmortal

As you get to the higher difficulty levels in Diablo Immortal, you need items that will give you enough power to slay the minions of hell. Fortunately, Blizzard added new legendary items via the latest patch, which can only be acquired in Hell Difficulty VII and above.

A total of 36 new legendary items have been added to Diablo Immortal, but which ones stand above the rest? Well, the Monk has some pretty good equipment in this patch. If you are a fan of the Flying Dragon skill, the new Noble’s Path legendary chest armor lets it now create a massive updraft in a targeted location, knocking enemies in the area up into the air. Activating Flying Dragon again after hitting enemies will teleport you to them and deliver a flurry of kicks that not only deal damage, but also stun them.

Shoulder of Vylnas is another new legendary gear worth mentioning. When equipped, Wave of Light now becomes channeled, dropping a golden bell in front of you that you can strike continuously, damaging all nearby enemies.

Enemies in higher Hell difficulties are pretty challenging to defeat and they deal tons of damage. If you’re not well-equipped, you’re unlikely to last long. That said, the Wizard class in Diablo Immortal has a new legendary shoulder armor called the Crustclaw, which ups your survivability. It improves Ice Armor to now reduce the amount of continual damage you take by a whopping 40%.

Here are the other notable legendary introduced in this update:

  • Bloodguzzle (Shoulders): Each time Cleave deals damage to an enemy within 2 seconds, its damage against that enemy is increased by 10%, up to 30%.
  • Lurker’s Last Chance (Main Hand): Cleave now becomes Channeled, damaging all enemies in front of you repeatedly.
  • Peace and Quietus (Off-Hand): Hammer of the Ancients now can be dropped at a targeted location and when activated again, you and the hammer rush toward each other, gathering any enemies in between together.
  • Ardent Shepherd (Off-Hand): Spinning Shield now hurls 3 electrified shields that Stun enemies they strike for 4 seconds, but no longer return to you. Spinning Shield now has 2 maximum charges.
  • Censured Trespass (Pants): Shield Charge now slams your shield into the ground, dealing damage and pulling in nearby enemies.
Demon Hunter
  • False Manifesto (Head): After using Knockback Shot, your Primary Attack Speed is increased by 30% for 4 seconds.
  • Precipitous Execution (Shoulders): Rain of Vengeance now deploys flaming arrows, Burning all enemies in the targeted area.
  • Bell of Sorrow (Head): Inner Sanctuary now forms a spiritual sphere, greatly reducing the Movement Speed of enemies and preventing Dash skills from being used while within the sphere.
  • Vedenin’s Sting (Off-Hand): Flying Dragon now also shatters enemy armor, increasing damage taken by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • Soul Levee (Off-Hand): Bone Spirits now instantly unleashes many spirits, but no longer consumes energy to maintain the effect.
  • Tremulous Boil (Shoulders): Corpse Explosion now also detonates the Fear of targeted enemies, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Sprightspark (Chest): Lightning Nova now transfigures you into a ball of pure lightning, allowing you to move at high speed and continually deal damage to any nearby enemies.
  • Tomorrow’s Silhouette (Head): Your Slow Time now follows you.

So, what can you say about the new legendary items in Diablo Immortal’s latest update?

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