Diablo Immortal Reveals Some Itemization Features Players Can Expect

Some more news about the game.
Some more news about the game. Bliizard

One of the things that made the Diablo games enjoyable was the itemization. While there’s no formal definition of this term, it generally refers to how items are balanced and distributed.

Blizzard revealed that when it comes to the upcoming Diablo Immortal , they wanted to be true to the itemization roots while being able to push the envelope. In particular, there are going to be different itemization needs and goals, especially when compared to the usual action RPG. In a statement, Blizzard shared that they wanted to give players “exciting choices and plenty of flexibility so [they] can build [their] character [their] way, with the understanding that no two Diablo games are (or should be) alike.”

Gear Stats

In Diablo Immortal , Gear has three types of stats, which are Base Stats, Attributes, and Magic Attributes. Also, powerful items will have, among others, sockets and Legendary attributes.

Many of you are familiar with the terms but just in case, we’ll go over them quickly. Base Stats are those listed next to an item’s icon. These include Life, Damage, Armor, Offense Rating, Defense Rating, Potency, and Resistance.

Attributes, meanwhile, include Strength, Intelligence, Fortitude, Vitality, and Willpower. Strength and Intelligence are primary Attributes for specific classes. The other three help increase Defense and Offense Ratings.

Finally, there are Magic Attributes that give items specific powers. For example, it can give items Cooldown Reduction or even Attack Speed.

Equipping Items

Characters in the game will have 12 gear slots. Six of them are Primary gear slots, which feature Legendary gear that has skill-changing effects. The other half are Secondary gear slots that can augment and customize build with extra stats and magic attributes.

Item Ranks

In the game, there’s going to be Rare and Legendary items. These items are upgradable through a new system known as Item Ranks.

Rare items, which are usually colored yellow, are dropped at Rank 0. Players can then visit crafters. And by spending the necessary crafting materials, they can increase the rank to 5. For each additional rank, there are stats added to the item. Legendary items can go as high as Rank 20.

Read more about the itemization here.

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