Diablo Immortal Brings Back Limited-Time Events

Something new yet familiar arrives. Blizzard

A new update is now live in Diablo Immortal and it's bringing something new yet somewhat familiar to Sanctuary. There are also limited-time events making a return to the game.

What exactly is happening? From December 7 to December 18, players who are more than Level 30 can join an event which gives a preview on the game's next major update. In addition, during the event players get to receive a 100% bonus XP to XP that's earned from Battle Pass levels. Speaking of Battle Pass, the one for Season 20 is almost here and features 40 ranks worth of challenges and rewards.

Limited-Time Events

As mentioned, some limited-time events a coming back and these include:

  • Shady Stock (November 25 to December 2)
    • It looks like Yakin has once again come into possession of some liberated merchandise, which is likely plucked from a far-away excavation. Don't take too long to decide since his Shady Stock is actually in high demand.
  • Fractured Plane (November 24 to December 1)
    • Even in a place like Sanctuary, those that have the utmost mental fortitude can still find themselves lost to the unrelenting darkness that's spread by the Burning Hells. The only way forward is to enter the Fractured Plane.
  • Alley of Blood (December 1 to December 8)
    • The fight between the forces of Shadows and Immortals is now threatening to desecrate hallowed grounds. All you need to do is destroy the opposing Sentry Towers and shatter the Crystal Heart to dismantle to base of operations of the enemy team. Don't forget to give your adventurer Specialist Skills to get that tactical advantage.
  • Trial of the Hordes (December 8 to December 15)
    • You may thing you have the experience but completing the Trial of the Hordes is the true mark of a champion. During this event, go head-to-head against another player to earn rewards and climb through the Ranks. In this one, each player has an enclosed lane where broods of demons flood in waves. The goal is to cull those demons from Hell.
  • Into the Dark Wood (December 2 to December 9)
    • Completing daily tasks unlock various milestone rewards that include:
      • Complete 3 tasks: 1 random Legendary Item
      • Complete 5 tasks: 3 Rare Crests
      • Complete 7 tasks: 1 Telluric Pearl
      • Complete 8 tasks: 1 Legendary Crest

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play and massively multiplayer online action role-playing video game released for the PC and mobile platforms.

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